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Fandomonium in Tampa Bay event and film festival 001. Pictured, from left to right,  are organizers Andy Lalino and Rick Danford.


Fandomonium in Tampa Bay Event and Film Festival 001
Introduction 01. Introduction
The Journey into fandom begins 02. The Journey into fandom begins
The story of the swag bag 03. The story of the swag bag
Role call 04. Role call
Independent film screening 05. Independent film screening
Interviews 06. Interviews
Photography shoot, closing and event score card 07. Photography shoot, closing and event score card

Fandomonium in Tampa Bay 001
Sunday, June 22, 2014



A Tampa Bay Film exclusive!
Words and pictures by C. A. Passinault
Additional content credited to supporting contributors with permission and full promotion.

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There will be another review of Fandomonium in Tampa Bay in an upcoming issue of Frontier Pop covering the pop culture and fan angle, ironically several months after the event, while this review on Tampa Bay Film focuses more on the film festival and the independent film angle; we will link to it when it is up. Dual coverage of events like this between Tampa Bay Film and Frontier Pop will happen when relevant and appropriate, getting the most mileage from one visit as possible.
Additionally, we may be expanding coverage in the future, with multiple angles on each event, splitting up coverage as a review, interviews, and an anecdotal adventure, for example, but the format will not be limited to that.
We will have cards to give to the people who we interview explaining the multi faceted coverage, starting in 2016. Additionally, our coverage will consist of teams at that time, allowing us to gather and process much more information.

After over four days of uploading videos and editing pictures, I can finally write this review of Fandomonium inFandomonium in Tampa Bay. Click to return to the beginning of the review here on Tampa Bay Film. Tampa Bay.
I am getting ahead of myself, however.
Allow me start from the beginning.
Fandomonium in Tampa Bay had a strong legacy before it even began, as its organizers have the pedigree of having produced the best independent film festivals and events in the Tampa Bay area over the past 12 years.
Rick Danford and his partners at Renegade Films started out with a series of four legendary film festivals for the horror fans, Saints and Sinners, starting in 2002. Danford later went on to produce the annual Halloween Horror Picture Show film festivals starting in 2002, which ran until 2008, and then stopped, until they resumed in 2013 (and I need to get all of those reviews up, in time, and I will. The search engine caches have been cleared of the old review content on the old Tampa Bay Film sites, and they will be enhanced and republished on this new Tampa Bay Film site, soon; probably over a series of several days, or weeks, in a row). Danford also did one of the greatest independent film festivals in the past ten years, which he used to debut his excellent short film, Alarum, in 2008; the Ladies of the Night double feature. What made that one-off film festival awesome, more than anything, however, was it was what I consider to be the great swan song of the old guard, as well as a prelude to what was to come in independent film, as it was in the midst of a crashing economy, and EVERYONE seemed to be there. There were even actors and production crews from large feature independent films, which mainly would be Brainjacked, which was then in production, in attendance, as they took a break from the rigorous filmmaking process to attend. Indeed, the only people in independent film who were not there would have to be Chris Woods, Shelby McIntyre, Paul Guzzo, Pete Guzzo, Terence Nuzum, Nolan Canova, and a few others, as everyone else was there (Although, to be fair, Lisa was there to cover it for Nolan’s site, and her coverage was OK, but not up to her usual high standards, IMO. I know that as an avid reader of her usually excellent independent film blog, that I was... disappointed. Some other people told me the same thing, too, as recently as this year! Also, IMO, she seemed to do a lot of ass-kissing in her “review” with people whom she seemed desperate to be friends with, which did not surprise me at all, because it was her usual M.O.). Mike Christopher was there, too, although it would be another six years before we would talk and actually meet. My friend, entertainer and model Ann Poonkasem, also attended, as did Somali Rose and Krista Grotte. It was a very special film festival, and a lot of fun.
Speaking of legendary one-off’s, another awesome independent film festival was 2007's Horror and Hotties by Andy Lalino. Everyone seemed to be at that one, too, with the exception of Nolan, Terence, the Guzzo twins, and that blogger, Lisa Whateverhernameis, who no longer blogs. Chris Woods and Shelby McIntyre were there, and were cool. I hung out with Chris Woods during that film festival, and it was a lot of fun; Woods, regardless of what he is doing now, is actually (or was) a cool person. Alas, however, although Lalino went on to do the brilliant one-off GASP independent film festival under the Gasparilla International Film Festival, or GIFF, umbrella, there would never be another Horror and Hotties film festival, at least up until the present.
There needs to be. I would also like one of those Horror and Hotties shirts, because they are collector’s items.
That pedigree is what made me especially excited about the news that Danford and Lalino had teamed up to start a new event and film festival series, Fandomonium in Tampa Bay.
Sunday, June 22, 2014 was the date, with the time being from 1PM to 5PM. The place was the Tampa Pitcher Show, the venue for Halloween Horror Picture Show 2013 and a number of independent film screenings and fundraisers to help the venue go digital.

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NEXT: The Journey into fandom begins.



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