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The first of the 3rd Generation talent resource sites proves itself and paves the way for others.

Revolution Class 0001: Tampa Bay Film
Commissioned March 23, 2013. 1000 hrs.
Fully operational August 28, 2014. 1502 hrs.

Tampa Bay Film, which launched on January 11, 2007, started life with a Raptor Class web site, which was modified to support its new online film festival. Throughout the years, Tampa Bay Film switched operating domain names and web site designs, fueled by innovations from sister site Tampa Bay Modeling and being upgraded to a cutting-edge Raptor 3 variant of the Raptor Class (As of today, August 28, 2014, Tampa Bay Modeling and other Tampa Bay regional talent resource sites all use Raptor 3's, which will remain in service for the foreseeable future).
In the Fall of 2009, in the midst of a fierce Tampa Bay independent film war, Tampa Bay Film was split into a network of several interconnected web sites, a meta site using an array of dedicated domain names. These sites all used specialized Super Raptor Class site designs, the Tampa Bay Film sites the only sites using the Super Raptor. The online film festival, which in the previous year was spun off as a stand-alone web site, also used the Super Raptor Class design in 2009, and it became an extremely popular, effective, and powerful web site.
In 2012, at the end of the first Tampa Bay independent film war, which saw Tampa Bay Film and its allies victorious, meta sites used by Tampa Bay Film began to suffer penalties with certain search engines, and the Super Raptor sites were shut down and were decommissioned, with the exception of the Tampa Film Review site, which is scheduled for a new site. Much of the content from Tampa Bay Film was taken offline and archived for future publication on an upcoming Tampa Bay Film site, which was in development. The online film festival was taken offline in 2013 in preparation to launch a new online film festival in 2014, which would, once again, be a main part of the next Tampa Bay Film site.
In 2013, Tampa Bay Film relaunched under its new TampaBayIndependentFilm.Com operating domain name using a new, advanced Revolution Class web site, and the old web site under TampaBayFilm.Com was decommissioned. TampaBayFilm.Com was turned into a marketing domain name, forwarding to the new operating domain name, and the new web site would simply be known officially as Tampa Bay Film. Tampa Bay Film resumed being the voice of Tampa Bay independent film.
The new Revolution Class web site was engineered from the ground up to learn from the mistakes that Tampa Bay Film made in the past, and used improved, enhanced tried-and-proven technology and tactics. The new Tampa Bay Film site, using the Revolution Class design, was designed to be over ten times more effective than any talent resource site which came before it. It was also tempered from the aftermath of the war, which Tampa Bay Film has fought from 2008 to 2012, and had won, with more online firepower than before; the new site was designed like a battleship, and was optimized to fight on the seas of the Internet if it had to. As the war ended in 2012, however, with the left over factions which lost the war still trying to operate, a cold war in the market began, and Tampa Bay Film began more covert operations to monitor, police, and manage the Tampa Bay independent film scene. In the Summer of 2014, Tampa Bay Film began precision operations against some elements on social media, where they attempted to operate from. These operations, which are ongoing and selective, have been extremely effective; many of these elements were completely and totally suppressed, and some have no idea how it happened or why (In a related operations by Tampa Bay Modeling, someone was suspended from Facebook for a month because of actions taken against them, and continue to be disrupted and in disarray, as they broke rules and were accountable for what they have done. Simply put, only a fool builds their house upon the sand, and then breaks the rules and taunts the sea). To date, since the new site began operations with its shakedown period in 2013, up until the Summer of 2014, its big guns never had to be used, but are there if needed. They probably will be needed in the near future, and the opposition will find the new site to be devastating to go up against, as well as impossible to counter. The new Revolution Class Tampa Bay Film site is superior in every way, and has no parity in the market, being battle hardened and using enhanced, proven technology and tactics, as well as new ones which evolved from what was effective and cost-effective.
Until then, a figurative arms build up will occur, and a fleet of powerful Tampa Bay Film Revolution Class sites will be built and deployed. It should prove to be a very effective deterrent to those who try to disrespect, discredit, and undermine independent filmmaking and progress in the independent film scene in Tampa Bay.
After a shakedown period of over a year, with the new site being tested, and proven effective, work began in the Summer of 2014 to bring the Revolution Class Tampa Bay site to full operational status. This included the launch of a new online film festival.
A fleet of 14 Revolution Class web sites for Tampa Bay Film are planned, out of 18 Tampa Bay Film domain names. Tampa Bay Film already has a publication online, Tampa Film Revolution, which uses a Pioneer Class site. Some of the other Revolution Class sites for Tampa Bay Film will not have an online film festival component and may not have a lot of images which require a thumbnail array, and will be modified with a larger header graphic.
Florida Independent Film is one of the Tampa Bay Film sites which will use a Revolution Class site.

08/26/14/2100 - 08/27/14/1502


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This web site has been designed from scratch to be conflict-hardened and effective in prosecuting conflicts, engineered from the lessons gleaned during the conflicts of our early years, which we won. It is designed to be resistant to being attacked and to fight and eliminate scams and unethical conduct in the independent film industry. As a Revolution Class site, it is the first 3rd Generation talent resource site and a late 3rd Generation web site; both descriptions representing different definitions.
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