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FEATURE FILM: Film title.
PRODUCTION: Production company name.
CAST: Actors in the cast.
CREW: Production crew of the independent film.
GENRE: Action/ Horror/ Drama / Comedy / etc.
PRODUCTION FILMING LOCATION: City and State of origin.
CONTENT WARNING: Ratings and notes on content.
TOTAL RUNNING TIME (TRT): In minutes and seconds.
SYNOPSIS: Plot summary of film.
REVIEWS: Official Tampa Bay Film review as well as other reviews of the film.
SCORE RANKING (1-100): See our ONLINE FILM FESTIVAL SHOWCASE competition channel for score.
LANGUAGES: Language, subtitles, and running commentary.
TAMPA BAY FILM OPINION: Our opinion and recommendation.
NOTES: Additional notes on film.


Independent Films on the Online Film Festival

The Online Film Festival will resume operations in April 2015, and 16 independent films and reviews for those films will kick it off, with up to 4 films added to the Online Film Festival, and reviews for those films in our review section, every week!

UPDATE 04/02/15/1028 - We are working on getting the new online film festival for Tampa Bay Film online by the end of April, 2015, and will then resume operations.
At the moment, we are getting some film festival reviews and some new content online. We will then begin working on the initial 16 independent films for the online film festival, as well as reviews for each of those films in our reviews section. We also need to add supporting content and build our online film festival channels.
We plan on adding at least 4 films and reviews for those films every week starting in May 2015, and we may even add more. We should have at least 128 independent films playing on the online film festival 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by the end of 2015, exceeding what it had at the height, and success, of the original online film festival around 2010. We will also have at least 128 reviews for those films in our reviews section.
As we will have a graveyard channel for those films which have been taken offline by the filmmakers, which will maintain their search results for our online film festival and pressure them to restore their film online; there is no limit to how many films that we will have in the coming years.
As of today, we took our online film festival thumbnail array offline and placed it on standby, with the thumbnails rerouted to out main online film festival section here and each one replaced with a piece of red curtain. These thumbnails will become images once the online film festival is up.

UPDATE 07/13/14 - The original Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival launched with the original Tampa Bay Film site on January 11, 2007. It was successful, but an online conflict between Tampa Bay Film in 2008 with certain unethical and unprofessional elements in the Tampa Bay Film scene in 2008 inspired sections of the original Tampa Bay Film site to spin off into stand-alone web sites with their own domains, with the original Tampa Bay Film site and the others interconnected with each other using a Super Raptor design.
The conflict, which was the first Tampa Bay independent film war, lasted from 2008 to 2012. Tampa Bay Film prevailed, but its network of web sites took a beating, and other than the online film festival, they never achieved their potential. The main Tampa Bay Film site and its domain name itself was poisoned, due to mistakes and some activity against it throughout the conflict. Casualties of the conflict of those opposing Tampa Bay Film included the Tampa Film Review monthly film festival, a pop culture web site, and the clique of unprofessionals in the independent film scene in Tampa Bay, so it was worth it, as Tampa Bay Film put them in their place and taught them a lesson (although, at the time of this writing, 07/13/14, it looks like the conflict, which became a cold war in 2012, may end up becoming a second conflict in the future. The new Tampa Bay Film sites are designed to wage any future conflicts much more efficiently and effectively, and are hardened to defend against the tactics used against them in that first conflict, so they are in great shape to handle any future issues).
The rapid expansion strategy used during the conflict was too much, however, and many of these sites in the network suffered because of a lack of content.
Such was not the case for the second incarnation of the online film festival, which was the only successful part of this strategy. It dominated, and was extremely popular (and, had it remained on the original Tampa Bay Film site, it may have saved it). On October 10, 2008, the second Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival launched under its own domain name. It ran from 2008 to 2013, with operations winding down in 2012 as work on the new Revolution Class Tampa Bay Film site progressed, and it was decided to move the online film festival to the new site. It became the most powerful and effective film festival in Florida, and lessons learned from that would be applied to the future Tampa Bay Film and other web sites. At its peak, it showed around 70 independent films, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
In March of 2012, a search engine rolled out an update which penalized web sites that were “over optimized”. This hit the Tampa Bay Film network of web sites hard, which were all interconnected; the sites were quickly disconnected from each other, but the damage was done, and it crippled the network. It also hurt a lot of other web sites owned by Passinault. It took a year to fix the damage, and during that time, it was decided to create a new Tampa Bay Film site under a new operating domain name, since the original Tampa Bay Film domain name was poisoned in search rankings, and use the Tampa Bay Film domain name in marketing, instead. It was also decided to update and move the online film festival into the new site, and to shut down the existing site, which was extremely popular, so that work could focus on the new site (This may not have been necessary, as many new Tampa Bay Film sites have their own online film festival features, such as the upcoming Tampa Film Review site and the Coffeehouse Film Review site, which will show films from the film playlist list in their reviews on the sites. It’s too late now, however, because a Japanese cybersquatter took the domain name when it was abandoned in the Summer of 2013).
The second online film festival began winding down in 2012, with no new films added, but it continued to show independent films until it was shut down on May 7, 2013.
Since some of the content was to be edited and then reused on the new Tampa Bay Film site, it was decided to wait at least a year before the third online film festival was launched on the new site. Data from the successful second version, which had a great run of almost five years, was analyzed and applied to the new online film festival.
The new, 3rd generation online film festival will launch the Summer of 2014 on Tampa Bay Film, with 16 independent films, and with each film having a corresponding review in the review section. As each film has to have an attached review in the review section, additions will be slower, but the information will be more complete, and worth it. Upon launch, we plan on adding up to four new independent films to the online film festival and the reviews for those films every week. That means that the new online film festival should reach the playlist of the last one of 70 films in about 4 months after it debuts, which means that if it is online in August, we should have 70 films and reviews for those films on Tampa Bay Film by the end of 2014.
Of course, the new online film festival is a refinement on what we have been using since 2007, because it still relies upon embedded video files from sites like Youtube. The good news, however, is that independent films are common on Youtube, now, and it wasn’t like it was seven years ago when filmmakers refused to post their films online. No more trailer festivals! We also have a lot of refined tactics and formats, now, and the new site, as well as the new online film festival, don’t have the mistakes that plagued the sites before, meaning that they will be around for a long time to come.

This is the new online film festival of Tampa Bay Film, and it will be online shortly. We will launch with 16 independent films in both our feature film section, which is accessed by the thumbnails above, and a permanent, more in-depth section for the films. Both sections will be linked to relevant content supporting that film, which includes a review of the film in our review section.
The Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival, just like its earlier versions, is more effective than film festival events. We are open 24/7, and the films on our online film festival are constantly watched. Once we get this new online film festival up and running, which should be any day now, we will be adding around 4 new films, and their reviews in our online film festival, a week.
The Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival will include the following channels, which will allow our viewers to filter through our library of independent films and find what they are looking for.

01. All Films
02. Showcase Films Channel
03. Drama Films Channel
04. Comedy Films Channel
05. Romance Films Channel
06. Horror Films Channel
07. Science Fiction Films Channel
08. Fantasy Films Channel
09. Action Films Channel
10. Music Videos Channel
11. Documentary Films Channel
12. Experimental Films Channel
13. Interview Channel
14. Independent Film Graveyard
15. Independent Film Dumpster
16. Independent Film Industry Channel
17. Filmmakers Channels


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