Independent films on the online film festival.
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Independent Films on the Online Film Festival

The online film festival will resume operations, soon. Please check back daily.

This is the new online film festival of Tampa Bay Film, and it will be online shortly. We will launch with 16 independent films in both our feature film section, which is accessed by the thumbnails above, and a permanent, more in-depth section for the films. Both sections will be linked to relevant content supporting that film, which includes a review of the film in our review section.
The Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival, just like its earlier versions, is more effective than film festival events. We are open 24/7, and the films on our online film festival are constantly watched. Once we get this new online film festival up and running, which should be any day now, we will be adding around 4 new films, and their reviews in our online film festival, a week.
The Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival will include the following channels, which will allow our viewers to filter through our library of independent films and find what they are looking for.

01. All Films
02. Showcase Films Channel
03. Drama Films Channel
04. Comedy Films Channel
05. Romance Films Channel
06. Horror Films Channel
07. Science Fiction Films Channel
08. Fantasy Films Channel
09. Action Films Channel
10. Music Videos Channel
11. Documentary Films Channel
12. Experimental Films Channel
13. Interview Channel
14. Independent Film Graveyard
15. Independent Film Dumpster
16. Independent Film Industry Channel
17. Filmmakers Channels

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