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No money. No roles. Not worth it. Yet.

Tampa Bay Film is not a talent agency, and we are not licensed to be one.
We are independent film production and talent resource web site which is offered free of charge.
Audition leads on this site will be offered free of charge.
As such, we will not, and cannot, guarantee the legitimacy of any casting or audition notice, and everyone using this site and responding to any audition notice or casting information does so at their own risk, and assumes all risks and potential liability, even though we do offer opinions and information which can be used to determine risks and if something is a scam or not.

This section will be for independent film auditions for the Tampa Bay area.
One day.
Of course, you will also be able to find auditions on our Tampa Bay Auditions web site (and Jose thought that he would have something to flip for a profit after we gave him a similar domain name last year. No way, Jose! We are better at this than you are, and we don’t, in our opinion, cybersquat and sell domain names to suckers; that is not what we are in business to do. We are in business to help people, and to establish and support a real local industry. Our Tampa Bay Auditions web site is better in every way, including the domain name, and you know it, too!) starting in late 2014, and independent film auditions here in late 2014, as well, but we are here to tell you now that auditions for independent films in the Tampa Bay area which are worth auditioning for are very rare, and the ones which are worth auditioning for usually do not pay anything, and if they do, it’s not much.
Basically, for years to come, don’t quit your day job.
It’s all about the jobs, however, and we are working to make sure that you can find and book them, on your own, without being dependent upon anyone. We are also working hard to make sure that one day, there will be plenty of jobs worth being cast in and which pay well.
So, can you go through a Tampa Bay modeling and talent agency to find auditions and roles worth being cast in? Think again. Not for independent film.
How about those big Hollywood movies which occasionally get made in the Tampa Bay area, such as Dolphin Tale, The Punisher, Cocoon, Magic Mike, and Spring Breakers? The quality of those movies aside (most of them sucked, especially Spring Breakers and Magic Mike, in our opinion), those productions truck in their crews, so scratch any production jobs for independent filmmakers (keeping dreaming), and are already cast (as union productions, they are cast in places such as Los Angeles through a CSA, or Casting Society of America, certified casting director, so no local Tampa Bay casting director, regardless of what they claim, is going to be able to get you a principle role) outside, with their cast also trucked in. At the most, the only roles which local actors and talent could hope to be cast in would be as an extra, which is about $70.00 a day. Hardly worth it for a professional actor who has a good resume and headshots, don’t you think?
There is hope, however. C. A. Passinault and professional independent filmmakers are working toward establishing the first genuine professional independent film community in Tampa Bay (Despite the claims, in our opinion, there has not been one yet, with all of the false leaders and false starts. It is our opinion that “independent filmmakers” such as Paul Guzzo, Pete Guzzo, Joe Davison, Dan Brienza, Chris Woods, Nolan Canova, Neil McCurry, Dan Torregrossa, Terence Nuzum, John Miller, Shelby McIntyre, Jon Wolding, Andrew Allan, and Sean Donohue, among others, have FAILED to establish a Tampa Bay independent film community, and they had years to do it, from 2001 up until 2014. Some of these filmmakers, such as Jon Wolding, are actually good filmmakers too, as well as talented. Even the Guzzo twins, despite what we consider to be the failure of their Tampa Film Review and Coffeehouse Film Review film festivals, are good filmmakers, although their “Godfather wannabe” themes and plots in their films are getting stale and cliched. Some, such as Sean Donohue and Andrew Allan, we have a lot of questions about, and don’t trust. Others, such as John Miller, Terence Nuzum, and Chris Woods, in our opinion, make films that we would not touch with a ten foot pole, and we would not recommend those so-called independent films for any actors or talent, as it is our professional opinion that they will damage, cripple, or destroy your career; ignore our opinion at your own peril. Passinault, for example, refuses to work with most actors who have been in John Miller or Terence Nuzum “films”, as he questions their professional judgement, as well as their current marketability. All of these so-called “filmmakers” have had their chance, and it is time for a new generation of talented, professional filmmakers to discard their mistakes and make it happen!). One day, in the coming few years, there will be a professional Tampa Bay independent film community, and with that we will have enough filmmakers making worthwhile projects that actor will find plenty to do. Many of those roles will provide good pay, too.
One day.

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