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Podcasts, productions, and publications

Podcast - Our main podcast series with additional audio content added. Will be available on iTunes and direct MP3 download from the site. Production start scheduled for summer 2013!

Video Podcast - A video version of our main podcast series, with additional video and interview content added, streaming on our online film festival. To get the full scope of our podcast programss, we encourage everyone to experience both versions, as there is exclusive content to each format, and they overlap for a more complete and comprehensive program; each stands alone on its own merits, but is enhanced which combined with the other.

Tampa Film Revolution Publication - Our Tampa Film Revolution online publication, which debuted back in 2012, covers independent filmmaking work and opinion for the Tampa Bay market. It also augments more in-depth articles and tutorials here on Tampa Bay Film. Tampa Film Revolution is a publication in a super blog/ magazine and web site format, and Tampa Bay Film is an independent film resource web site. Like the podcasts and the video podcasts, each stands complete on their own, but enhance each other when combined, as there is some overlap.

Press and Media Inquiries - Well, we had to put this here for the media/ press/ reporters, in case they though that the media section is for them directly. For media inquiries and interviews, please contact us. Thank you!

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