Tampa Bay Independent Film Risks and Scams
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Our upcoming risk analysis and scam analysis databases will address the risks of Tampa Bay indie film, as well as the scams, which it is our opinion there are a lot of. The dual databases will be comprehensive and large, with a scenario-based front-end and detailed terms and definitions. You will be able to use this resource as a way to identify things which are not good for you, and which are not good for independent film. As a result, you will be able to avoid these things and fight back. This section will go online the Summer of 2013, as it is still in development.

03/23/13 - The following statement is the opinion of C. A. Passinault and Tampa Bay Film, and we stand behind it. We challenge anyone out there to prove it wrong.

Sadly, all is not well in the Tampa Bay independent film scene (and notice that we are not calling it a “community”). In our opinion, for the past two decades, up to now in March 2013, there has not been an independent film community, nor have their been any independent films made which inspire anyone to take independent filmmaking in Tampa Bay seriously. We expect this to continue for another few years, until we get new independent filmmakers in the Tampa Bay market. Those filmmakers will have to be a new breed of innovative, smart, creative types who think for themselves, too, which is a rare quality in the local independent film scene now, as most of the filmmakers today are mindless followers who do not know what they are doing.
The Tampa Bay indie film scene today, in our opinion, is fragmented, dysfunctional, and weak There are few, if any, leaders, and the filmmakers that are there sell-out independent film by supporting film festival and agendas which undermine indie film. Again, they do not know what they are doing.
The few filmmakers that there are behave like they are in a gang or some kind of self-deluded clique. They are neurotic and insecure, and they try to bully others who they see as competition, or as a threat to their films, in an attempt to run them out of the market. They lie about who they are and what they do, and they slander others. They also engage in shady politics which they believe to be self-serving, while hypocritically professing public support for other filmmakers and the Tampa Bay independent film “community”; a community which exists in words and not reality.
As a result, there are a lot of risks and outright scams in the Tampa Bay independent film scene. You have people misrepresenting themselves (fraud), people selling out each other, people backstabbing each other, people undermining independent film because they think that it serves their interests and will get them ahead while holding back their perceived competition, people exploiting talent, people padding their resumes with “awards” that don’t mean anything (their friends gave it to them, they gave it to themselves, or they had friends vote for them in obscure contest categories in which they had few competitors) and people being unethical and unprofessional. There is a lot of cancer in the independent film scene in Tampa Bay. In our opinion, this is why there has not been any progress in independent film locally in 20 years, there is not film community, innovation has been stagnant, there have been few independent films produced with much, if any, merit, and why no one, except for the self-serving, self-deluded, filmmakers, take independent films produced in Tampa Bay seriously.
This is a cancer which must be eradicated before our market can become healthy and grow.
Tampa Bay Film will inspire a new generation of independent filmmakers who will displace the existing filmmakers and work together to form the first independent film community in Tampa Bay. These filmmakers will be innovative, smart, and creative, and the existing filmmakers will not be able to compete. These filmmakers will work together to make some of the most innovative independent films ever done, and we will not only put Tampa Bay indie film on the map of the worldwide independent film industry, but will make it a worldwide leader, as well.
We will also help by educating people on what is wrong with the independent film scene in Tampa Bay with this risks and scams section, which will launch soon. There is a lot wrong with it.
Until then, do not trust anyone until they have earned your trust, because it is our opinion that over 70% of the local players are not worth helping or getting involved with.

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