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Sunday, August 24, 2014 - Tampa Bay Film News Post by Editor C. A. Passinault

Online film festival and reviews are imminent.

We are working on getting the online film festival, with its initial wave of 16 independent films, online, with at least four films, including the reviews for those films, added every week until we have a critical mass of well over 100 films showing, which will happen sometime in early 2015, at the latest. Every film showing will be reviewed, too, so expect a massive review section on this site, with some reviews being larger than others (most will be a page or two, but some of the critical ones will easily top 30 pages). We are working toward having over 96 independent films playing on our online film festival, and the reviews for all of them published in our review section, by the end of 2014! Over 96 films and film reviews!
Added films will be added with their reviews immediately published on our site. Except for now, with the first 16 films. Those will not be immediately reviewed, as we do not have the time at the moment to give those reviews the respect and the attention that they deserve, and it may take a week or two to get those reviews up; when those reviews are done, we will commence adding new films to the online film festival and their reviews to our independent film review section.
The initial 16 films will populate out “featured film” section, accessible from our thumbnails above, which means that they all have to be strong, good quality films, so expect those reviews to be good. Expect several films from Ken Barr, as well as classics such as “Spaventare” and “White Lie” (there was a time when Chris Woods was one of the best independent filmmakers in the Tampa Bay area. Now, not so much, because it is our opinion that he has sold out and is following the crass and trashy tastes of a wannabe filmmaker who is using him to make trash films. We will celebrate the filmmaker that Woods used to be, and hope that he sees the light one day and resumes making independent films worth our time and respect; he is not beyond redemption); regarding Spaventare and White Lie, we have figured out a way to republish them on the online film festival, despite the attempts of the filmmaker to take them down from the Internet, and the support pages and reviews for those films will remain on this web site regardless of what happens to the online versions of those films in the future.
Getting our online film festival online and up to speed in 2014 is very important, especially knowing how successful and effective that it was in the past. Besides, we want to be able to give ourselves a good review for the online film festival for 2014, as we will be reviewing ourselves, too, because we are the only ones who can do it best (others are welcome to review us, too, as long as it is a review and not some petty attack, or slander, which seems to the most that the opposition can try to use against us, which is ineffective and backfires, but which they are too stupid to realize).
In 2015, we intend for our online film festival to have several hundred films and reviews online, as the new format of the online film festival supports an unlimited number of films and reviews (if any filmmaker takes their film offline, we will keep the film support file page and the review online, which will pressure them to put their film back up because the top search results for their film will lead here, and people will be mad at them for not having their film available. We even have an indie film graveyard channel developed specifically to address this issue, as we are only responsible for content on this site, and refuse to allow the actions of others to cripple our content. This is the issue which prevented older versions of our online film festival from exceeding 120 films, and it is no longer an issue. We will have over 500 films and their reviews on our site by 2017, whether people like it or not. Yes, we have some very serious long range plans, as well as an agenda!). In the past, it was difficult to find independent films online. Now, the Internet is flooded with them, and it will make this latest online film festival so much easier to update with new and exciting independent films to watch and to read/ learn about!
We have a lot of film festival reviews going up now, too, including the ones for Halloween Horror Picture Show 2013, Fandomonium in Tampa Bay, and Rise of the Dead. The archived film festival reviews which we published years ago and took down two years ago to clear the content from the Internet are now being edited, expanded on, and republished, so they will be all be online by the end of September. Some reviews, such as the one for the 2008 Tampa Film Review monthly film festival, are going to be rewritten. Speaking of the Tampa Film Review and its earlier incarnation, the Coffeehouse Film Review, we are also building two huge web sites to serve as the official source of information about them, at TampaFilmReview Com and CoffeehouseFilmReview.Com, in addition to the massive amount of information published on this site about them. People will learn the facts, understand our opinion and the points that we make, and will make up their own mind about these “historic” film festivals. After all, history is written by the victors, and we won all of that. Just call us Karma.
Regarding our archives, we are now sitting on a stockpile of over 800 pages of content which can now be republished, and quickly added to the site. There is a reason that we took down our old sites and their content, and this is why. We will now benefit immediately from over 8 years of work.
Then we have a mountain of independent film DVD’s, mostly features, that we have to go through and review. We are going to try to do one of those a week, starting in another week.
Once we are up to speed, there will be so many reviews going up on this site that some of you will start calling us the independent film review site. There is nothing wrong with that, as first we must identify the issues and the strengths of independent film in Tampa Bay before we can work together to fix what is wrong and build a strong independent film scene in Tampa Bay, and then, eventually, the first community of independent filmmakers and supporting professionals.
We acquired a bunch of new domain names, too. One such domain name, Tampa Bay Auditions, will be very important for the support of the independent film projects that we all need.
This site is about to become very big, very fast, and it will continue to grow and dominate. It will be unstoppable and impossible to ignore. We are the voice of Tampa Bay independent film, and we have a lot to say! We also are honest about our support of independent film and professional independent filmmakers.

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