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Monday, September 8, 2014 - Tampa Bay Film News Post by Editor C. A. Passinault

Tampa Bay Film Fully Operational.

On this date, August 28, 2014, this new Revolution Class site for Tampa Bay Film is hereby, and officially, fully operational. Some sections are not online, yet, but this will change soon. We are very much looking forward to arming this site to the teeth for future action and operations against the opposition, of which some remain after the first four year conflict, as this site was engineered from combat-proven tools, technology, and tactics, and was designed for combat (Combat and war in our descriptions are figurative terms, and are not literal. We do not condone violence or anything illegal, and these terms do not describe anything illegal or unethical, nor are they intended to be made or taken as a threat of any kind. The war is one for change, and to fight with ideas and knowledge. Tampa Bay Film already fought a war, the first Tampa Bay independent film war, from 2008 to 2012, exposing the lies and injustices of the local indie film scene, and after a long fight in which the opposition had to resort to slandering us with lies, we won. They gave up in total defeat. As a result, several bad and misguided people quit and went away, and a flawed monthly film festival shut down. A hateful pop culture web site was silenced, as well, and a clique of bullies, operating under the misleading disguise of being an independent film “community”, was reduced to a disorganized rabble in the ruins of their failed ventures). The new tools for the fight include scenario based interactive tutorials designed to educate while they entertain, to help our readers recognize and avoid things such as independent film scams, as well as things such as agreements and forms which can be used to address and report these schemes. There is much, much more coming to Tampa Bay Film, however, and together, we will make everyone in the Tampa Bay independent film scene accountable for what they do and say. It is the only way that independent film has a future in Tampa Bay, as conflict must pave the way for progress as we work together to take out the trash (We do not troll. We stand up for ourselves and the rights of others, and deal with the problems that others cause).
Tampa Bay Film launched on January 11, 2007, using a Raptor Class site, which was soon upgraded to Raptor 2, and then a Raptor 3 variant of the Raptor Class (Tampa Bay Modeling and many of our other sister sites still use the Raptor 3, and will for the foreseeable future. They are proven front line designs, and are very effective; A new Raptor 3 Raptor Class site will launch this Fall for Tampa Bay Dancer. The Raptor Class will be replaced by the new 4th Generation Centurion Class in 2016, but those existing talent resource sites will use Raptor Class sites well into the future, even after the Centurion Class sites of the 3rd Generation of talent resource sites enter front line service and rule the Internet. Note that there are not typos in the Generation numbers, as the talent resource sites are entering their 3rd Generation, and the web site designs themselves are going into the 4th Generation, which are web sites using database driven technology such as PHP and multimedia files such as flash. The Centurion Class talent resource sites are 3rd Generation talent resource web sites using 4th Generation web site technology. The current Revolution Class web site for Tampa Bay Film is the first of the 3rd Generation of talent resource sites, and uses late 3rd Generation web site technology which can be easily and efficiently upgraded to 4th Generation standards in the future. We hope that this clears up and confusion, as we are very specific and very organized). In 2009, Tampa Bay Film was split up into a network of interconnected web sites, all exclusively using the Super Raptor Class design. Most of those sites were decommissioned and taken offline in 2012, with the one for the online film festival being the most successful.
This Revolution Class site, the first of the class, was launched on March 23, 2013, replacing the old Tampa Bay Film site and launching under a new operating domain name; the original Tampa Bay Film site and several other sites being taken offline and much of the content being archived for later publication on the new Tampa Bay Film site (This process with the other sites began in 2012). After over a year of testing and further development, as well as three months of work in the Summer of 2014 which led to delays in updating the web site, the site is finally fully operational, and should be where we want it by 2015.
There is a lot of new content on the site today, including several anticipated film festival reviews (Halloween Horror Picture Show 2013, Fandomonium in Tampa Bay, and Rise of the Dead). The online film festival is now online, too, with the first 16 films online, and you can play those films by clicking on the thumbnails above or by checking out the menus and channels in the Films section on the main menu. For the rest of the new content, please scroll down on the front page to check it out.

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