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We come for war. Actress and model Harmony Layne is at the front line in the war for change in Tampa Bay independent film.

The thumbnails above, which are for our online film festival, are now active. Back in 2013, it was planned to move our online film festival here on the Tampa Bay Independent Film web site. Recently, in 2016, it was decided to create a new web site and branding for a global, not regional, online film festival, although local Tampa Bay independent films are emphasized. That online film festival, The Connected Film Festival, launched on Wednesday, October 4, 2023. It is the official online film festival for the Tampa Bay Independent film web site.


NOTICE: Preparing existing independent film resource web sites for next-generation industry and talent resource web site upgrades as new web sites are built and deployed.
Local Indie Film War entering its 16th year. Passinault authorizes a dramatic increase of resources and web sites to work toward defeating toxic filmmakers and to resolve the conflict.
Indie film conflict should be resolved within five years as new checks and balances, as well as standards, are about to be introduced to the Tampa Bay market; Passinault indicates that market is full of amateurs, they do not know what they are doing, and it is weak, planning on rebooting it.
- 11/09/23/1501/
With the recent launch of The Connected Film Festival, after seven years of delayed development, and the recent restoration of capabilities to build and maintain web sites, which had been in limbo since 2017 and is now fully operational, again, we are in the process of upgrading existing web sites with next-generation formats, tools, tactics, resources, and content, while building and deploying brand new next-generation web sites such as Tampa Bay Indie Film, Indie Film Auteur, Film Scams, Florida Independent Film, Florida Indie Film, Florida Film Review, Tampa Film Review, and many more.
Existing actor and talent resource web sites are also being upgraded to next-generation talent resource web site standards, and will assist actors and talent in evaluating local filmmakers and their productions to determine if they should work with them.
Many filmmakers will be cut off from actors and talent.
Passinault has stated that the Tampa Bay indie film war, which started in late 2007, is now entering its 16th year, and should be resolved within five years. He had left some filmmakers alone for the past nine years, after addressing them bullying and slandering a contributor back in 2014, and then giving one of them a domain name free of charge a couple of years ago, online to be blamed for something that he had nothing to do with after he gave them the domain name. With Passinault announcing in 2023 the start of production work of his own independent films, two “actors”associated with the filmmakers began harassing him on social media and tried to get him to make concessions that would have made his independent films too expensive to make. Passinault did not fall for it, and he realized that the filmmakers were behind the attacks, which convinced him that the war was far from over, especially with filmmakers and their “fans” attacking Passinault after he posted his opinions on his social media wall about their films that he had seen, even after he didn’t name the films or the filmmakers..
Checks and balances and professional standards will be introduced to the Tampa Bay market.

NOTICE: This site officially rebranded Tampa Bay Independent Film. Thumbnail array leading to our online film festival, the Connected Film Festival, which is on a separate, affiliated web site, is now active and online. - 10/07/23/1328/
Today we officially rebranded this web site, which had been the Tampa Bay Film site since 2013, Tampa Bay Independent Film. Our online film festival, the Connected Film Festival, which launched three days ago on October 4, 2023, is now operational, and we activated our thumbnail array above to link to the featured film section of that web site.

NOTICE: New remastered Tampa Bay Film online and operational. About to be updated with new content. - 04/02/23/2031/
The new remastered Tampa Bay Film site has been online now for almost four weeks, launched on March 6, 2023. It is about to have new content added.
The Florida Film Blog and other independent film support web sites will be launched in the Fall of 2023.

NOTICE: New remastered Tampa Bay Film site about to launch, but with a design based on the Tampa Film Blog site, although the remaster of the original site was done. Tampa Film Blog site from 2008-2012 resurrected and is now online. - 03/08/23/0303/
Yesterday, with the design and the coding of the remastered Tampa Bay Film site done and with adding content underway, we were looking at the old Tampa Film Blog site, as the original plan was to add that old content to the new blog on Tampa Bay Film over time. Upon looking at it, with the Templates to the images lost and some of the information dated to when it was posted, we decided to simply buy the domain name again and to relaunch the old site, as we didn't want to bother with it (The same thing may be going on over at Frontier Pop, which will resume updates and the monthly publication of issues before Polyvinci begins the publication of its monthly issues and Deranged Fanboys begins its weekly publication. There is little point in doing the lost issues. Frontier Pop will probably be reset, with the old content remaining on the site, but not emphasized or referenced from the new issues). The Tampa Film Blog is what it is, and while we may go through it over time and clean up old links, we won't be doing much with it but making it available. New blog posts will be on Tampa Bay Film,
This site will soon be updated as Tampa Bay Independent Film. Reviews, such as film festival coverage, will be removed from this site, updated, and then published on Tampa Bay Film. We have different plans for this site which will over lap with Tampa Bay Film and the other independent film resource sites.
At any rate, while looking at the Tampa Film Blog site, we realized that we liked the design and the buttons, as well as the colors, better, and the thumbnails on the remastered original site were pointless, and we decided to remove them. That's when we decided to go with an updated version of the Tampa Film Blog design, knowing that it would only add a day or two more of development time.
Now we go with an announcement that we didn't include in the title header above for this post.
Passinault is now making films, and he is getting attacked by people associated with filmmakers that he has issues with over those films. Passinault has left these people alone for the past seven years, and they keep running their mouths, spreading lies about him, blaming him him for things that he didn't do (Passinault gave one of them a domain name, and the filmmaker turned around and name dropped him in a social media post, blaming him for something that happened that Passinault had nothing to do with. The filmmaker and Woods then blocked Passinault. What's funny about that is that someone else, and not Passinault, was responsible, and we have no idea who they are, but its conformation that people out there hate them for whatever reason. Why the filmmaker would have blamed Passinault after Passinault gave him the domain name didn't make sense, however, but the accusation was not appreciated, as Passinault had been trying to let things settle down over a period of several years and make peace with these people. We now see that this isn't possible, and we now choose to follow through on plans to impose checks and balances on the market that these people are going to hate, because they will be forced to deal with them).
These attacks will not be tolerated.
That's a reason why we decided to resurrect the Tampa Film Blog. We will also be doing something that will have some dramatic effects on what these people do and what they have done. We predict that they will soon make some of the films that they have done unavailable for some weird reason, and it will be amusing.
The bottom line is that we don't care what these people think. We will never work with them, and they have made it perfectly clear that they will never work with us. The truth is that we don't need them, and never will.
There will be no peace, and these filmmakers will be held accountable for what they do.

NOTICE: Working on the "new" vintage Tampa Bay Film site and the next generation online film festival, the Connected Film Festival. Advanced independent filmmaking formats defined and now testing. - 03/05/23/0315/0337/
We are now building these two sites, with an updated layout design for the new online film festival. This site will become Tampa Bay Independent Film once the "new" Tampa Bay Film site is online. We are also working on Indie Film Auteur, which will be our main independent film resource site. We have two other local independent film resource sites in the works, as well. In other news, this one being a local note, Passinault has begun production of independent film, completing a nano indie film, and, yesterday, on March 3, 2023, he had several breakthroughs which tie in directly with recent investments in independent filmmaking gear and research, which make independent film production easier, lower cost, faster, more innovative, and higher in quality and content than most independent films made now, without the logistics and the large crews. What do you suppose will happen when you can make more films faster that are higher quality? It would be like the advent of the modern assembly line as compared to a company building one thing at a time. Passinault was able to justify the thousands invested into gear over the past five years because he is integrating video into his businesses and other web sites. Unlike most independent filmmakers, as well, he is truly independent, able to make high quality independent films by himself faster and with more innovation; he is not dependent upon others to make films, and this is a major advantage. Another major advantage that he has is that he can produce independent films without attracting attention on location (thanks to his two decades of experience as a location photographer), and doesn't have to work with unions and doesn't need red tape such as permits (We would like to see a law that states that you require a permit and what the penalties are, as we haven't been able to find any, although this is moot when it's tough to prove that an independent film is being made and, after it is done, where it was done, in the case of things such as actual locations, and not views from public locations). These new types of independent films are classified, and are trade secrets. Additionally, there is evidence that filmmakers have been ripping off the few ideas for independent films that Passinault has posted on social media. He will no longer be announcing what he is working on publicly.

NOTICE: Checks and Balances to be imposed upon local independent filmmakers with an armada of effective new web sites, including over a dozen independent film review web sites. - 01/06/23/0309/0441/0456/ - 01/07/23/0020/
Local independent filmmakers and Tampa Bay are about to discover that the party is over, and that they will be held accountable for what they do and HAVE DONE. They will no longer be able to do whatever it is that they want to, especially if it is at the expense of others; they will no longer get away with exploiting actors and talent and slandering others to discredit them. We are working on a large number of brand new independent film review sites, for starters, all with content written specifically for each site under pseudonyms made for that site. Each and every local film will see multiple reviews on all of these sites, and those reviews, although written differently, will all arrive at the same conclusion (there will be legal disclaimers about the use of pseudonyms, as we don't want people to get the wrong impression that all of these people are different people, especially if we have advertising on the sites, although we won't reveal who these writers are, as we don't want them harassed and attacked). Additionally, and this is a big one, we will start asking, and getting people to wonder, if the independent films that are available cross the line and are obscene. If a local jury of peers could determine such films are obscene (and they probably would), we will suggest that those filmmakers and anyone involved be reported to law enforcement and the District Attorney for investigation. Remember that freedom of speech is not protected if the content is determined to be obscene. Some independent filmmakers may see fines and jail time for the fantasies that they are obsessed with being made into films. We think that they will look at their catalog of independent films that are being sold and start yanking them off of the market, as it would be the smart thing to do. Is it worth the risk?

We really do support local independent film, but remember that support doesn't mean supporting everything. If anything goes, nothing matters, and there have to be standards. If you are cultivating a garden, do you allow the weeds to grow? Think about it. If independent film in Tampa Bay is to be taken seriously, things need to change. It's time to take out the trash.

NOTICE: Updating and Migrating Web Sites. New Web Sites being built. Passinault now making independent films. - 01/06/23/0309/0329/0347/0426/0441/ - 01/07/23/0020/
We are in the process of updating web sites for 2023 and migrating them to a new server (this site was already migrated, which is why it has been updated recently). While we have to wait for later in 2023 for these older sites (this one) to be overhauled and upgraded to next-generation talent resource site standards, as we have to build and deploy a lot of new web sites (and these old sites, such as this one, are being monitored by hostile parties. We don't want to tip our hand on the rather nasty surprises, which we have been working on since 2007, too early; good luck finding most of the new sites, as you have to know specifically what their actual target audience is looking for with the specific keywords being used to find them) before we can do much with the older legacy sites, there are a few exceptions. Without tipping our hand or revealing what we have been working on, this site will be re branded Tampa Bay Independent Film by January 11, 2023, the day that an updated, new Tampa Bay Film site that emulates the classic design of the original site will be re launched under its domain name (right now, Tampa Bay Film .Com forwards here); the newest version of Tampa Bay Film will be a lot like Tampa Bay Modeling in design. Expect the 1,600 page Tampa Film Blog, which has been intentionally kept offline for over a decade, to be republished on that site over time (we can't add too much content too quickly, as we want the search engines to drink and savor every delicious word and properly index the blog content. It needs to be read and referenced). Film festival reviews that were also done for Tampa Bay Film will be published on this newest incarnation of Tampa Bay Film, too (all of the Tampa Bay Film branded images on this site will be removed from this site and will be used on Tampa Bay Film). Keep in mind that the "new" Tampa Bay Film site is a secondary resource web site and is expendable; we are not going to push that branding, as it is contested. Tampa Bay Film will be a scrappy web site with powerful scam-fighting tools and resources, as well as information, and will be optimized to fight .

In related news, our new main independent film resource web site, which will be revolutionary, will be Indie Film Auteur (.Com), and will launch in a few weeks. Locally, the main regional independent film resource site will be Tampa Bay Indie Film, which is a brand new web site that will also launch in a few weeks. Enjoy!

We have spent the past five years, starting in 2017, investing in new computers and support infrastructure to keep up with all of our web sites. All that work is done. Prepare for lot of new web sites (redundancy is planned in the construction and deployment of these new resource and support web sites, some of which will be specifically created to fight scams and to impose checks and balances upon markets and industries. Although cutting-edge and 100 times more effective than our current sites, these sites are also expendable, as they are low-cost and easy to make and maintain. We can lose many of them and still keep on slugging it out) and lots of content. A year from now, everything will be different, and better. This site, as one of many examples, will be upgraded to next-generation talent resource web site standards, with new content, tools, and tactics, by then. Oh, and our new and improved online film festival will be online in a few weeks. It will be called the Connected Film Festival. Keep checking back; these are exciting times, and we look forward to expanding our support of independent film in Tampa Bay. One more thing.... Passinault has invested in thousands of dollars for independent film production infrastructure, bringing down the cost of making innovative, high quality independent films to practically nothing, with films being made quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. He is working on some 4K films right now, and has THREE independent film production rigs, including a stealth rig that can be used to produce quality independent films discretely. He can make innovative, high quality, revolutionary independent films quickly and inexpensively, and can make over six ambitious short films a year and dozens of nano films (a good film can be done in less than a week. The secret to making good, cost-effective independent films is to write a good script and to write it with realistic, inexpensive production in mind, which doesn't mean cutting corners and compromising quality). He will be making films in 2023, and they will debut free of charge on the Connected Film Festival. New standards in local independent film are about to be set!

NOTICE: This Tampa Bay Film site is about to change. - 06/02/22/1929
This site, now known as Tampa Bay Film, which it has been since 2013, is about to become Tampa Bay Independent Film. Tampa Bay Film will relaunched under its domain name, mainly as an archive site, although it will be upgraded as a responsive, mobile-friendly web site which will look like the original Raptor Class site, and will be updated. We have another site, too, Tampa Bay Indie Film, which will be brand new. Thus, this site is about to become three.
There are more sites on the way, too, all using the latest next-generation talent resource web site tactics and formats, and all being responsive and mobile-friendly, including sites for new and established independent filmmakers, independent film review sites, and independent film scam-busting sites. We even have sites coming which will help filmmakers navigate the dangers of networking with other filmmakers, which is an ongoing problem with filmmakers trying to sabotage and slander anyone whom they feel that they can’t compete with.
This is all coming the Summer of 2022.

NOTICE: Tampa Bay Film to become three different, but related, web sites. - 03/09/21/0432/0515
We know that it has been roughly 3 ½ years since our last update, but a lot has been going on behind the scenes, as the independent film conflict in Tampa Bay is ongoing and continues into its 14th year.
There is now end in sight for the war, and we are actually dramatically increasing assets to wage it, with the Tampa Bay Independent Film sites to incorporate next-generation talent resource site formats, tactics, and resources, that new standard secretly in development since 2007. Ironically, much of that development resulted from what was learned in the experiences of the indie film war, as it was much more fierce than any conflict with modeling and talent scams, as the players took it personally and fought back any way that they could.
The indie film war proved to be extremely valuable in developing next-generation talent resource sites.
Then we come to why the site is going to become three different, but related, web sites.
Tampa Bay Film has been our brand since 2006, and we will continue to maintain that brand, although there are potential conflicts from something with a similar brand, consisting of a rearrangement of words, that we are going to be in vigorous conflict with, and that brand has been in play just a little longer than ours. Because of that, the Tampa Bay Film brand is not as strong as it could be, and we don’t want to put all of our proverbial eggs into that basket. If we were to operate under that branding and continue to build it, it would be too tempting of a target to go after in ways that would up the stakes, and we don’t want to be an easy target, as we don’t want to be silenced. That is the reason that the site will become three.
It’s also the reason that we haven’t had any updates on the site for several years, as we had to come up with a solid strategy before we did a lot of work on the site, which will now be sites. You don’t put a lot of work into something that you would later have to undo or change.
When Tampa Bay Film launched in January of 2007, It was a web site under its domain name. By 2012, however, that site took some damage in search rankings because of things that were done to it by our opponents, which is why we moved the site under the Tampa Bay Independent Film domain name in 2013. That move proved to be very successful over the years.
Soon, in 2021, Tampa Bay Film will be relaunched as a stand-alone web site under its original domain name. As this site will be smaller and more belligerent than the other sites, it will be more... Expendable. It will also be built to fight, and will have some serious teeth to back up its bark, a tough little site that will be built to wage war. Of course, the past eight years have also restored that domain name to be used as a stand-alone site, again, instead of forwarding to the Tampa Bay Independent Film web site.
The “new” Tampa Bay Film site will look like the original site, but will be built as a clean sheet from the ground up with the latest tactics and content under the hood. It will also be a responsive site which is mobile-friendly, using the cutting-edge upcoming Raptor 4 variant of the Raptor Class site (used by other scrappy talent resource sites such as Tampa Bay Modeling), with three different layouts for desktop, tablet, and mobile (smart) phones, the layout instantly configuring to the best layout depending upon the device being used to view it.
Tampa Bay Independent Film will be rebranded to match its domain name, and will become the main independent film resource and directory web site for the Tampa Bay region, and it will be more review orientated and won’t be into fighting scams as much as Tampa Bay Film will be (and some other sites that we are working on, such as Film Scams). It will be massive site, with a lot of information on the local independent film industry, the players, and the films.
The completely new site in the works to be added to the trio will be our upcoming Tampa Bay Indie Film site, which will be more upbeat and positive. It won’t touch anything that is outright controversial or inflammatory, and will be the main marketed web site
More on this, later.

NOTICE: Local Independent Film conflict to enter its 10th year. - 10/16/17/0615
The independent film war between Tampa Bay Film and some players, including new opponents, in the Tampa Bay independent film scene is now going into its 10th year.
This ongoing conflict, which began in 2008, fulfilled most of its goals by 2012, after four years, crippling our opponents. With no one willing to sit down and reach a resolution, however, the conflict continued on as a cold war for several years, and then warmed up again in 2015 with renewed conflict with the successors of some of our original opponents.
There is no end in sight, and Passinault recently approved new tactics and resources toward a fight which may last at least another decade, as toxic elements in the local independent film scene have to be kept in check even after most of the current players have left the stage.
Passinault has sworn that he will do whatever it takes to ensure that what happened to him does not happen to anyone else, and this ongoing conflict will accomplish that.
With the new tactics, Passinault will remove the names of filmmakers from anecdotes and direct criticism from Tampa Bay Film and our affiliated web sites, switching to the pattern analysis system used by his other talent resource web sites (Content on at least two sites publishing anecdotes about several filmmakers will be removed and the content will change). This will help remove the perception of bias and axe grinding, boosting credibility, especially with the coming reviews, and will enhance our ability to do something about the issues with the market and with the industry.
This will be especially important with more aggressive tactics that will be used, such as calling scams, well, scams. We want to enhance our leverage and reduce the risk of our opponents being able to hit us back; we will enhance our effectiveness in a sustainable, cost-effective manner while reducing our risk.
Next-generation talent resource web site tactics, tools, and resources will be directly adapted to Tampa Bay Film, the Tampa Bay Film web sites, and our upcoming independent film resource web sites, such as Independent Film Revolution, which will be our new main independent film resource web site.
With the new tactics and the commitment of dramatically expanded resources, we will shift the fight in 2018, our 10th year of conflict, from making specific parties accountable to addressing the market and the industry as a whole, and it will force our opponents to change what they do. They will be forced to change the way that they do things, because if they do not the behavior patterns that we will warn people about will stick to them, defining them, and will prove us right. Likewise, independent filmmakers will be forced to up their game in order to compete with the new generation of talented, skilled, professional independent filmmakers who will prove to be extremely tough to compete with.
They will have no choice.
Speaking of filmmakers and of independent films, Passinault has announced that he will be making independent films and video games about his experiences with local independent film, which should prove to be interesting. Names and likenesses will be changed, however, and everything will be declared “coincidental”, although many will wonder how much is true.
Also, we will be working with our sister talent resource web sites and our audition, casting, and job web sites to discourage actors and talent from getting involved with high-risk, low quality independent films. Many local filmmakers are going to find it to be very difficult to get anything done because they will be cut off from people, and they are welcome.

NEWS: New Security Protocols in Force. Tampa Bay Film now secondary site. - 10/16/17/0614
IEffective immediately, new security protocols are in place for our independent film projects.
Tampa Bay Film is also no longer our main independent film resource web site. That has changed.
Security protocols engineered for Aurora PhotoArts, including the ones for the secret Shimmerworks research and development program, have been ported over to and adapted for the independent film projects of Matchhead Films, Throat Ripper Films, and any related independent film production businesses, both current and future. Likewise, the documentation protocols for the independent film work has been ported to and adapted for Aurora PhotoArts.
All of our business assets are in synch.
What this means is that the independent film projects of our production companies, while they will still be heavily documented, will be highly classified and kept secret. The video, photographic, and technical documentation will keep our options open to how to use that material, such as tutorials, but if we do ever release that to the public it will be long after the project has been produced.
In other news, Tampa Bay Film is no longer our main independent film resource web site. It is still important and will still ne updated with new content and tools, but we have new independent film resource web sites on the way which will take over the function of being our main web site.
That site will be Independent Film Revolution.
Tampa Bay Film, Florida Independent Film, and Tampa Film Revolution will become Independent Film Revolution web sites.

Crowd Funding Independent Horror Films: Don’t Cry 200 Tears. Make It Happen. - 11/12/16/0623
Tampa independent horror filmmakers Marcus Koch and Joe Davison try to raise money for 200 Tears, the sequel to their cult classic 100 Tears, while Chris Woods succeeds in raising enough money to complete his film, Chaos A.D. .

NOTICE: Preparation for Passinault’s first films underway. Taking out the local independent film trash and predatory film schools to pave the way for the next generation of local filmmakers, the establishment of the first independent film community, and the founding of a genuine, respectable, groundbreaking independent film industry in Tampa Bay. - 11/07/16/0607

NOTICE: Segmented Content Structure. Additional Web Sites in Development. - 10/17/16/0617
Tampa Bay Film, and our additional support web sites, will be organizing information in different categories, and will cross reference all relevant information to make is easy for our readers to use our web sites as a research tool.
As an example, general information about filmmakers and their films will be published in the filmmakers section. There will be links to reviews of the filmmaker, as well as their films, in the review section. Production companies (Regardless of if they are licensed or not) will also cross reference with additional relevant content in other organizational categories.
This information, however, will not link to our other web sites, to avoid the issues that came up in 2012 with the array of Super Raptor web sites which Tampa Bay Film was then using. Redundant information, to avoid duplicate content issues, will be rewritten for each web site.
Oh, and a lot of additional web sites are coming, many of them built for and specifically optimized for targeted keywords, and these web sites will have no competition (they will be online in an uncontested search environment, and will be at the top of search results for those key words by default). Some of the new web sites, with no need for a built-in online film festival like the Revolution Class web site which Tampa Bay Film currently uses, will be mobile-friendly, as well.

NOTICE: Local Independent Film conflict to enter its 9th year. - 10/17/16/0540
In 2007, Tampa Bay Film was not welcomed by the local independent film scene when it launched in January of that year. The online film festival launched with the site, and it quickly came into conflict with a copy cat online film festival started by two filmmakers. The Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival defeated that upstart rival in short order, however, within a few months, as it proved that it was up to the challenge presented by the copy cat online film festival (speaking of which, the online film festival ran for several years successfully as the top Florida film festival, and it has been offline since this new Tampa Bay Film web site came online under its new operating domain name in 2013. The online film festival will soon return).
C. A. Passinault, the founder of this web site, experienced slander and discrimination from a group of independent filmmakers, and they quickly found out that they started a fight with the wrong person. By the end of 2007, war was declared, and the Tampa Bay independent film war began in January 2008 with a scathing review of the many problems with the flawed monthly film festival, the Tampa Film Review.
Passinault began to criticize the filmmakers and ask questions.
The first two years of that war were tough, but the Tampa Film Review finally shut down in January 2009 as, in our opinion, a failure, and a blogger who endlessly kissed the butts of local filmmakers was finally inspired to quit. In 2011, a pop culture web site, a source of much of the trouble, could not compete with Passinault’s Frontier Pop web site, and the editor quit.
The independent film war cooled down by 2011 and 2012, and it was seen by many that the conflict was over, with Tampa Bay Film and Passinault victorious.
Hostility toward Passinault and the site continued, however, and he had some rather unpleasant encounters with filmmakers in 2011 and in 2012. A situation of unending hostility and conflict remained, although Passinault’s opposition was disorganized and broken, at best.
In 2014, with some of Passinault’s opponents regrouping, and another local filmmaker being bullied by them, Passinault stepped in and told them that he would put them in their place, again, if they did not leave the filmmaker alone.
The result was a renewed conflict, which Passinault and Tampa Bay Film won, again.
2016 has been interesting. A filmmaker attacked Passinault on Facebook for no reason, and filmmaker Stephen Biro also cursed Passinault out months later, in September, on Facebook; these attacks were unwarranted and unprovoked, as Passinault had been polite and pleasant to both filmmakers, and even helped some out. After looking into some things, Passinault had some revelations about some of the mysteries of 2007 that sparked the original conflict of 2008, as well as some other things.
That is when we decided to suspend support of the local independent film scene, and Passinault decided to increase working against some of the parties involved.
Tampa Bay Film has been conducting ongoing operations against elements of the local film scene in 2014, for two years, now, and there is no end in sight.
Passinault has decided to increase activity aimed to clean up the local independent film scene to pave the way for a genuine independent film community in the near future. Additional Tampa Bay Film web sites are in development to assist in these operations, which include upcoming sites Florida Independent Film and Independent Film Revolution.
Passinault has committed to the ongoing conflict as long as it takes, and plans on making independent films and other projects covering the problems with local independent film; the world will know what happened. .

NOTICE: Working on restoring content. Reviews and blog posts coming. - 10/17/16/0436
For some reason (we cleaned up some files back in July and may have accidently deleted some content and links), some complete film festival reviews were removed from the site, and we are looking into restoring that content. We are also working on a lot of reviews, and have literally hundreds of reviews planned.
Tampa Bay Film will be THE web site to find our more about independent films made in the Tampa Bay area and to read reviews and other information about them.
Although it is our opinion that Chris Woods is barely an independent filmmaker anymore, because we do not think that his Sleazebox trash are worthy of the term independent films, we will be reviewing all of his “films”, and will make sure that everyone knows about our opinion about that work. There used to be a time, back in 2009, when Chris Woods was the most talented and promising independent filmmaker in the Tampa Bay area, with works of genius such as White Lie and Spaventare (Spaventare being the one which he removed any mention of Passinault from in a recent compilation, which, in our opinion, is unprofessional and one of the worst things that a filmmaker can do). It is also our opinion that Chris Woods was corrupted by peer pressure when he began working with John Miller, and that Woods demonstrated that he was a follower who would sell out to what Miller wanted to do, making Woods one of the worst filmmakers in the Tampa Bay area, as he lost “his” voice when it came to his work. It is also our opinion that his Sleazebox brand, which we can’t seem to find any mention of as a licensed business (correct us if we are wrong, and we will retract that. There are lots of other Sleazebox businesses out there, however), was perfectly named, too.
That said, Chris Woods is still the best editor in the local independent film scene, as that is what is does all day, every day, at his day job.
Going back to web site content, archived blog posts from the old Tampa Film Blog will soon be added on a regular basis, as well.

NOTICE: Film Festivals, Events, and Assistance Suspended. - 07/23/16/0457
Effective immediately, the film festivals and events of Tampa Bay Film, as well as our assistance to most local independent filmmakers in the Tampa Bay area, have been suspended.
While Tampa Bay Film supports independent film in Tampa Bay, we do not believe that supporting most current local independent filmmakers is supportive of independent film, as we do not believe that most of them know what they are doing (Being able to make an independent film does not count) or actually support independent film. Most of those filmmakers, in our opinion, support the bottom of the barrel of independent film and their own agendas, more often than not at the expense of others. Most of them, too, in our opinion, attack and discriminate against talented supporters and filmmakers whom can actually advance independent film in Tampa Bay.
This has been an issue since 2006, and it will not go away anytime soon as long as insecure, petty, neurotic, unprofessional, unethical, no-talent independent filmmakers are in the majority.
One local “filmmaker” is promoting the Tampa Bay area as “the gore and sleaze capital of the world”, which is not something that independent filmmakers should be proud of. If the industry is to ever take independent film in Tampa Bay seriously, we need to define ourselves more appropriately with a wide range of genres and good, cost-effective, innovative independent films in those genres.
Catering to the lowest common denominator is a mistake, and it would be a mistake to define independent film in Tampa Bay that way. These fools either don’t care or don’t comprehend, and that is bad for local independent film.
Recently, another independent filmmaker, a good one, attacked me out of the blue on Facebook, with no provocation (I did not start anything with him, and had always treated him with respect and was friendly with him). He basically stated that I was “not important”, and also attacked me with a series of attempts at insults. Well, everyone is important, and no one should ever be discriminated against; this filmmaker, in my opinion, is an idiot and a follower who is easily lead by others. I suspect that he not only listened to the lies that others spread about me, but that he also suspected that I persuaded an actress to avoid a role in one of his films (That has actually happened a few times with more than one filmmaker. Actors contact me and want my opinion about whether a role is good for them or not. In more than one instance, the filmmaker thought that they were negotiating with the actor, when they were, in fact, negotiating with me by proxy, pretty much the same way that I have done televison interviews by proxy through models and talent and gave them the answers to the topics; my words, their voices. In one instance, the actress texted my words under her name exactly as I instructed to the filmmaker. These were negotiations which had outcomes which the filmmaker did not want, like, or appreciate, and it changed the course of several independent film projects. I will not say if the suspicions that this filmmaker had are true or not, but whatever happened had to happen that way). It was an undeserved and unpleasant interaction, although the debate that he started was easily won by me. I basically stated I did not answer to him, too, and this was all too true.
I will also be withdrawing my assistance to most local independent filmmakers, especially when most of them repay help with slander about you (the last two film projects that I was involved with, as far as I know, were OK, however). I have better things to do.
That said, I will still be reviewing independent films and will be attending some film festivals to cover them for Tampa Bay Film, although I will be covering only one film festival this year.
The Tampa Bay independent film war that was fought from 2008 until 2012, and won by Tampa Bay Film, will continue. We will continue to voice out concerns about independent film in Tampa Bay, and will also mobilize our sister talent resource site to assist us in cutting of unprofessional filmmakers from actors, talent, and crew (Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Auditions, Independent Acting, Florida Actors, Tampa Bay Entertainment Industry, Florida Independent Film, Florida Entertainment Industry, Independent Film Revolution, Tampa Film Revolution, and other sites will join us in this long term campaign to educate actors, talent, and others about independent film in Tampa Bay).
We will prepare the Tampa Bay area for a new generation of independent filmmakers who will actually advance independent film in our market. - C. A. Passinault
- 09/30/16/0421

NOTICE: Tampa Bay Film Updates Resume. Supporting Independent Film. - 07/13/16/0545
We waited a few years before we moved content from the Tampa Film Blog to this new Tampa Bay Film site. Now is the time.
We will begin regular updates with content from our archives, of which there are over 700 pages. We will also soon publish the remaining reviews of film festivals and reviews of things such as independent films.
We have a massive library of local independent films. We have watched most of them. Sadly, the reviews won’t be ones that the filmmakers are going to like, as it is our opinion that the majority of independent films now being made in the Tampa Bay area are absolute garbage, with no artistic merit or quality whatsoever. This is going to change, as it is our opinion that no one respects independent films made in the Tampa Bay area, nor do they respect local independent filmmakers, and that this lack of respect is well deserved.
We support independent film. We really do. It is just that you cannot support something if you support everything (something that Lisa never understood), especially elements which undermine that support. Like someone cultivating a garden, the only way that you are going to have a successful and productive garden is to do some weeding. You simply have to be selective, and to call things as you see them, which, in our opinion, is actually how they are.
The following is our professional opinion.
Chris Woods used to be a good independent filmmaker. He has a lot of talent and was actually making some good independent films (Bleed was a decent film, and both Spaventare and White Lie were brilliant. Another great Chris Woods film, done under his Icon Film Studios brand, was To Live is to Die). He is also undoubtably the best film editor in the Tampa Bay area. What is tragic, however, is that, in our opinion, he sold out. His most recent films have been absolute trash (Whatever happened to his independent films which had good stories such as POP? Did he simply give up?). It is our opinion that his actors, too, other than four of them, are terrible, and that they have no talent or skill; which may explain why he wants them to take their clothes off. An actress recently told us that the work that he is doing is “revolting”, which probably explains why Woods has to cast the same “actors” in the his films over and over again. In our opinion, he can’t get real actors, other than the four who are actually good, and all of those are men.
We have seen better acting in adult films, which shouldn’t be allowed to have acting.
Don’t take our word for it, however. Feel free to go to the Sleazebox web site and check out films such as “Naughty, Dirty, Nasty,”, “$kumbagz”, and “Amerikan Holokaust” (that latter film which, in our opinion, has a woman eating out of a dog bowl who looks like road kill). See these “actresses” “act”, and make up your own mind. Good luck making those women scream queens, Woods! (Disclaimer: We are not endorsing these films or recommending that anyone watch them. We merely want people to judge for themselves. Our suggestion to go check out the films is not literal, and is not advice).
We would not cast his actresses in independent films if someone paid us, because it is our opinion that they would cripple the films, and this is coming from someone with over 23 years of experience as a casting director, as well as professional experience as an actor.
Chris Woods is not going to like our reviews of his latest films, which, in our opinion, are his way of living out his fantasies. Although Woods has done some things that may lead some to believe that we have an axe to grind, we simply don’t. We need to tell it how it is; if Chris Woods actually made a good film, we would be absolutely happy to give that film a good review. We will certainly qualify the opinions that we express in our reviews, too, so that our readers can see how we arrived at our opinions; that our opinions are qualified.
The only way that we can establish a productive independent film community and, eventually, an industry here in Tampa Bay is to do some weeding. We may not be able to support what filmmakers like Chris Woods are doing, but we know that there are independent filmmakers who will become established in the coming months and years who will be worth supporting, and those filmmakers will force people like Chris Woods to shape up and to make good independent films in order to compete.
Tampa Bay Film is in the exciting position to see this all unfold as time goes on, and we will do our part to support independent film in Tampa Bay.
In other news, we are planning on getting our online film festival online and operational again by the Fall of 2016. Each film will have an associated film review and other supporting content.
- 07/13/16/0545

NOTICE: As we prepare to resume updates on Tampa Bay Film....... - 06/13/16/0732
First, we had an article in the Tampa Bay Times about the Tampa Bay area being the “hottest cult horror movie scene in the country”, and we really have to wonder about some things.
Do we really want independent film in Tampa Bay to be known for horror, cult, and exploitation films? While there is nothing wrong with these films in general when they are produced by filmmakers whom are actually talented, it is our opinion that the lack of quality independent films in our market has opened the door to the garbage of independent film.
This is going to change. In many ways, through, we are glad that low-rent fanboys-turned independent filmmakers are making their fantasies come to life on the small screen. When real independent filmmakers make quality films in our market, they will literally have no competition.
There will be future independent filmmakers which will produce some truly quality and innovative films in the genres of cult, horror, and exploitation, however, and it is our opinion that those fimmakers will not be the current ones. In anticipation of those future days, we have thought ahead and have invested in a series of domain names, which also have the bonus of blocking a group of no-talent fanboys from the use of those names.
Also, a convention of sorts has come to our attention, and that event, coming up in August 2016, is Tampa Bay Screams. We have no plans on attending or covering this event, but encourage others to check it out and make up their minds for themselves. Is this what will put independent film in Tampa Bay on the map? Do you want our area to be known for films like that?
Let us know what you think.
In other news, we are working on getting the rest of our film festival reviews up, as well as getting our online film festival back online. We are also working on adding tools and resources to Tampa Bay Film.
- 06/13/16/0748

NOTICE: Chris Woods removed Passinault from the credits of Spaventare, and people deserve to know why. - 12/24/15/0541
We do not want to call anyone out or trash them. Except for in this case (and we are not trashing them), especially since there is indisputable proof, and this filmmaker is going to be known for what he did. We have never seen any filmmaker do this to a contributor to any local independent film project before, and it is inexcusable and outrageous.
Since Chris Woods, in our opinion, does not want to be professional about this and refuses to discuss it like a responsible adult, we are going to make a big deal out of it; the deal that it deserves to be, as it is our opinion that it directly reflects upon the character and the integrity of the filmmaker. After all, if he did this to Passinault in his attempt at revisionist history, what will he do to others?
If Woods wishes to make this a legal issue, we welcome a call from his Attorney, especially since there are now copyright issues regarding the use of pictures taken by Passinault, too. Woods does NOT have permission to use the pictures that Passinault took if Passinault is not credited for those pictures and for his help, which were the terms of use for Passinault’s contribution. PASSINAULT OWNS THE COPYRIGHTS TO THESE PICTURES! These pictures are used in a bonus features gallery on the DVD of the Make Them Die Sleazy compilation, a reissue of the Spaventare film (and it is our opinion that Sarah is probably thrilled about being in such trash company on that compilation, which is full of poor films with roadkill actors, as her credit was also used in the credits of the compilation as a whole, which is NOT what was agreed upon when the film was made. Expect context, reissue, usage, and credit agreements/ contracts/ releases to arise from this fiasco, and these forms will be made available free of charge to print out and use here on Tampa Bay Film, as it seems that people like to find loopholes to exploit if allowed, again, in our opinion).
In 2009, back when they were talking and before Woods got mad at him for some unknown reason, Chris Woods was talking to C. A. Passinault about a short independent film that he was working on. That independent film was Spaventare.
Woods was aware that Passinault was friends with an actress from an MTV series that he had been watching. That actress was Sarah Bray, who had been a headshot client of Passinault years before, and who later became friends with Passinault before she briefly moved to Los Angeles. Sarah later moved back to the Tampa By area.
Woods asked Passinault if he could get in touch with Sarah and have her perform in his latest film. Passinault, aware that Woods had a solid catalogue of quality, innovative work in independent film with classics like “Bleed” and “To Live is to Die”, agreed to do so.
So, Passinault talked to Sarah about acting in the film, and he vouched for Chris Woods. Sarah agreed. Woods also asked Passinault to do still photography on the set, which Passinault agreed to.
Chris Woods has a history of padding credits in his films; he would thank the Crickets chirping in the lawn outside his apartment if they were relevant, in his mind, to the production of the film, in our opinion. With Spaventare, which is a classic and something to be proud of with a cast of two and a crew of four, Woods did something that was a bit odd. He credited all of the people in a photograph, a photograph used as a visual prop on a computer screen, as “actors” (Jerry Caldarise, Francesca Grarrido, Kerry Hunt, Melissa Webb, and Suzanne Wieland, despite what the credits claim, DID NOT ACT IN THE FILM!) , and credited Corinne Broskette from the Venue Actors Studio, some casting director associated with them, as part of the casting team. The result was that the cast of two suddenly became a cast of seven in the credits, and a casting director who had, in our opinion and to our knowledge, as she may have supplied the photograph for all that we know (and this would NOT have warranted a “casting” credit, just like those padded names in the cast credits had nothing to do with actual actors who acted in the film) had nothing to do with the film or its cast shared casting credits with Passinault and Woods.
It is our opinion that this “credit padding” is an attempt to make people think that the production was larger and more important than it actually was, as in the old saying “a cast of thousands”, and that it would be extremely problematic if this information was used to sell the film, as information used to sell anything has to be accurate and not misleading in any way.
The truth of the matter was that Passinault, who is also an experienced casting director, cast half of Spaventare, and there would not have been a Spaventare, as it currently is, without Passinault, who directly referred Sarah to the production. Woods brought Rod Grant into the production, and that was it. The actual casting was evenly divided between Passinault and Woods. Those extra five “actors” and the extra casting director were, in our opinion, just as much as a phantom as the spectre that Grant played, but in a literal, and not fictional, sense.
Going back to the credit issue pertaining to Passinault, Chris Woods DID originally, and properly, credit Passinault in the first release of Spaventare, and this can be confirmed both online, in the few areas in which the film is online, as Woods took it down from his Youtube channel, and in the Spaventare “bonus” short in the DVD for the Brainjacked independent film from the Film Ranch, a really good independent film which Chris Woods edited (it is also our opinion that Chris Woods is the best independent film editor in the Tampa Bay area, but that is beside the point of this post, and being an excellent editor does not excuse him from this issue).
When Woods teamed up with John Miller and formed The Sleazebox, which is, in our opinion, notorious for producing some of the worst and most crass independent films ever made in the Tampa Bay area (one film, in particular, crossed the line of good taste, and we are wondering if it is breaking obscenity laws. That film is Amerikan Holokaust, and we are glad that we are not connected to that film in any way, which, in our opinion, we consider to be garbage), he and Miller decided to do a compilation of short independent films. These short independent films would consist of the Sleazebox shorts and some of Woods' short films, which included Spaventare
. - 03/30/16/0130

NOTICE: Dealing with local independent filmmakers. - 11/17/15/0609
Although we will be reviewing all aspects of the local independent film scene here on Tampa Bay Film, and will be having fun with the reviews of things of poor quality, we have seen enough material, such as independent films, lately, to be able to decide on a policy here at Tampa Bay Film.
We will no longer allocate resources to calling out people and in doing anything to them which can be perceived as an attack. Those operations end, now.
We simply don’t want to trash anyone.
First of all, these people do a far better job of undermining themselves than we could ever do. Others arrive at their own conclusions about these people and their work on their own, without us having to say anything. There are professional actors who want nothing to do with some independent filmmakers, and that alone is good enough for us.
Secondly, calling these people out by name mainly states the obvious, and when they do fail, which they will, they blame us for it. We will no longer set ourselves up to be a scapegoat for their failures, and when they fail, we want them to realize that they alone failed, and no one else was responsible for the issues that they are having.
Thirdly, our credibility is in question when it looks as if we have an axe to grind. We don’t, and form now on, we will avoid situations where it looks like we are attacking anyone.
Opponents do a good enough job on their own making themselves looks bad.

NOTICE: Updating support content. - 11/17/15/0553
While we are writing reviews for film festivals and independent films, we are going to be updating support content, with profiles for subjects such as independent filmmakers and local independent film production companies.
We are going to start with the existing tags here on the front page, and then will make content sections for the tags at the bottom of the page. These content sections will link to other relevant sections such as reviews.
We will be covering as much as we can about the local independent film scene.
In other news, we will have more reviews up this week.

NOTICE: Get everything in writing when dealing with independent filmmakers in Tampa Bay! - 11/11/15/0535/0615
Passinault is having an issue at the moment where a filmmaker, for petty, and mostly unknown reasons, cut him from the credits of a film where Passinault did still photography and also cast half of the film; both the still photography and the casting credits have been cut from a version of the film which is in a compilation, and Passinault is no longer mentioned at all.
An attempted, friendly phone call last night (11/10/15) was met with rudeness as the filmmaker hung up on Passinault, and Passinault, who owns the copyrights to the photographs, which are being used by the filmmaker, may refer this matter to his attorney, since cutting him from the credits is a violation of the terms of use of his work, and may imply to the audience that the still photography and the casting were done by the filmmaker, which is completely incorrect, misleading, and unacceptable.
We live in a world here in the Tampa Bay independent film scene where people use people, lie to them, steal from them, victimize them, and then vilify their victims by slandering them. This will not stand.
One thing will result from this, for sure. It is now our opinion that some independent filmmakers cannot be counted on to follow through on collaboration agreements, and they cannot be trusted. Others will lie to you and backstab you. Others will simply steal from you and then spread lies about you in an attempt to discredit you further.
This is NO WAY to build an independent film community here in Tampa Bay, and it undermines local independent film.
We will now recommend that everyone who collaborates or works on any independent film project in the Tampa Bay area get everything is writing, and insist that releases and written agreements are signed before working on any independent film. We will make these releases, agreements, and documents available free of charge here on Tampa Bay Film.

NOTICE: Blog and News sections resume updates. - 11/03/15/0224/0237
Effective immediately, we will reduce overall content added to the front page, and will resume posting in our News and Blog sections on Tampa Bay Film. Long posts will be formatted and published in the relevant sections.
This is to properly organize the site and prevent content overload on the front page. It will also make it easier to navigate and use, especially with all of the reviews that will be published on our site, which will mainly be film festival coverage and reviews, as well as independent film reviews. It also looks like we will be covering and reviewing our own film festivals starting in 2016, beginning with the Coffeehouse Film Review monthly film festivals and professional networking events.
All 1,000 + pages of the old Tampa Film Blog will be updated and added to the Tampa Bay Film Blog, one post at a time, starting next week, too, in addition to new posts.

NOTICE: Researching copyright law in relation to film festivals and reviews, as well as fair use. - 10/31/15/0551
This directly affects our Sunburn Film Festival underground film festival and peer group review. The Sunburn Film Festivals will be underground film festivals legally defined as private viewing within a private residence, and not publically marketed, or open to the public. The underground film festivals are only covered as film festivals after the fact.
We will not be censored by filmmakers who are afraid of being reviewed and with getting bad reviews, and will legally fight any challenges.
Filmmakers publically marketing themselves as filmmakers are public figures, as well, and can be publically criticized.
Before we begin these underground film festivals, we will also obtain an Umbrella License for exhibition from the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation, or MPLC. This license will also cover our public film festivals and events, and all parties submitting their films in our public film festivals and events will be required to sign a legal waiver and a release permitting the exhibition of their work, as well as the review of their work. We will retain an attorney whom is an expert in entertainment and copyright law for any legal issues, and all activity will be strictly performed under our LLC.
Any films which, in our opinion, undermine the integrity of independent film and may be in violation of State and Federal laws will be brought to the attention of law enforcement and the appropriate authorities, which include independent films which may be in violation of obscenity laws.
All reviews of independent films on Tampa Bay Film will be done from private viewing, and the material used in the reviews are under fair use.
We will legally protect ourselves from unethical and unprofessional retribution in layers of defense, and reserve the right to take legal action against any party who violates our rights to freedom of speech, as well as our rights under the freedom of the press.
All content in reviews are opinions of the reviewer, unless specifically stated otherwise.
In order to improve the independent film scene, and the market, in Tampa Bay, we must work to make everyone professionally accountable for what they say, do, and for the work that they do. There have to be standards of quality established and maintained. This is one of the jobs of Tampa Bay Film.

OPINION: The state of independent film in Tampa Bay 2015. - 10/30/15/0426
The following is our opinion, and, hopefully, a wake up call for local independent filmmakers. We really want to see you succeed, and we really want to be able to support your work, but, ultimately, it is up to you. It is your choice.
While watching some local independent films while working on the review for the 2015 Halloween Horror Picture Show film festival, the thought that comes to mind is “What kind of crappy independent film hell are we in in the Tampa Bay area?”
While some are watchable, and maybe even entertaining in spots, many are a chore to watch, and are more unpleasant than anything else, even if technically competent, which are the exception and not the rule.
Seriously, the independent film scene here is weak, with nothing but bottom feeder, wannabe horror and exploitation films filling up the roster of independent films being made here; it has been like that for the past 15 years, and, if something isn’t done, it will always be like that! Even some of the best films ever made here would have a difficult time competing with independent films made elsewhere. We should know, because we buy, and watch, a lot of independent films and movies. We study them. So should you.
Don’t any of you guys want to make a career out of this where you can make a living doing what you love? Don’t you want to make independent films that you can really be proud of?
You guys need to get serious and do something, before someone else does it and you are left behind.
This is our opinion, but no wonder large film festivals such as Gasparilla and Sunscreen don’t respect many of these films. We would not, either. Actually, we don’t, and it makes our job tough, because, with many of these films, we don’t want to give them bad reviews.
Our opinions about these films, if you can call them that, are not just ours. We have been getting complaints about local films for a long time. The people that you want to work with talk to us. Serious and professional actors don’t want to get involved with the local film scene (and we are working on a program to cut off some filmmakers from actors and talent, which we have been effectively doing for a while now). Just yesterday, communicating with a local actress, we ran some names of some films that we were going to review by her. Her response was that the names were horrible. We explained to her that we considered those films to be the sewer of the independent film scene in Tampa Bay (and they were Sleazebox releases, for those who are wondering, which, also in our opinion, is a perfect name to describe these films), and she said that it sounds like it (She didn’t even want to watch them, let alone act in them, and from what we have seen, it is our opinion that those sell outs need good actors in their films). When the branding, the art direction on the packaging, the script, the acting, and the independent film all suck, you have problems, and a lot more problems than our opinions and about having to worry about getting bad reviews. Even worse, we have had actresses complain about local filmmakers wanting them to go topless or nude in their films. Our advice? No independent film in the Tampa Bay area is worth that if you have not done it. Actresses which have kept their clothes on need to continue to keep their clothes on. Actresses which don’t have issues with that need to be selective about the films that they do and the context of their appearance in those films.
Something tells us that, in 2016, when our Sunburn underground film festivals and peer group review events are happening, that these independent films are going to get mauled, and mauled viciously.
There are also reports that local independent filmmakers are not making the money back for their investors, for those films which have landed investors. This is why those filmmakers are having a difficult time making more films.
Seriously, things need to change, and they have to.
Please understand that we are not out to trash independent films in the Tampa Bay area, even if we have issues with local filmmakers. For example, in our opinion, we have issues with filmmaker Andrew Allan, but think that his film Brainjacked is the best independent film ever made in the Tampa Bay area. We really do support local independent film and want it to succeed, as well as be respected. It’s just that we would not be doing anyone any favors if we blindly liked and supported everything, and it would, rightfully, undermine our credibility.
If you make a good film, we will admit it and will praise it, regardless of our personal feeling toward you. If not, well, you are going to hear about it from us, and you really need to think about upping your game. This is true, especially, when we say that we are going to start a second independent film scene, a professional one, which will be populated by a new generation of HUNDREDS of talented, innovative, hungry, aggressive independent filmmakers. These filmmakers will be using our tactics, and are going to seize control of the market. If the current independent film scene has any hope to compete with our upcoming independent film scene, they need to seriously shape up, because the Tampa Bay independent film market is going to change.
NOTE: This is a quick post on the front page of Tampa Bay Film. It will soon be expanded into a full article.

NOTICE: Working on reviews. - 10/29/15/0512
We attended and covered the Halloween Horror Picture Show last Sunday (We thought about doing the same with the Florida Horror Film Festival the Sunday before, but didn’t think that it was worth our time and effort. We will still do a write up of film festivals that we have not attended, however, gathering information from people who attended and then weighing in our opinion). We are now working on the official review for Halloween Horror Picture Show 2015, which should be up this weekend; support video files from this event were uploaded and published on our Youtube account last Monday, and can be viewed now; these reviews include a brilliant, epic interview by Krista Grotte, who simply stunned us with her inteview.
Reviews for Halloween Horror Picture Show 2014, the first Rise of the Dead film festival, and Rise of the Dead III should all be up next week.
Reviews of independent films are also coming, including the films running on our online film festival and independent films
Tampa Bay independent filmmakers Andy Lalino and Rick Danford show off the premier of their Fandomonium in Tampa Bay event series on June 22, 2014, at the Tampa Pitcher Show from our massive, and growing, archive of independent films produced in Tampa Bay. Chris Woods is not going to like our Amerikan Holokaust and Naughty, Dirty, Nasty reviews, which, in our opinion, are among the worst independent films ever produced in Tampa Bay, and neither will those “women” who he has convinced can be “actresses”. Naughty, Dirty, Nasty is truly pathetic, too; we haven’t been able to watch it all, yet, as it is extremely stupid, and kept putting us to sleep.
On the plus side, Joel Wynkoop's Slasher Weekend was a pleasant surprise, and we think that Brainjacked is the best independent film ever produced in the Tampa Bay area.

REVIEW/ FILM FESTIVALS: Fandomonium in Tampa Bay. - 10/24/15/1045
Tampa Bay Film editor C. A. Passinault made a second journey to visit the Tampa Pitcher Show to experience the first Fandomonium in Tampa Bay event and film festival on Sunday, June 22, 2014. This review, exclusive to Tampa Bay Film, contains cool pictures, video clips, and a review of the event and some of the independent films.
TAGS: Reviews, Film Festivals, Fandomonium in Tampa Bay, Rick Danford, Andy Lalino, Marcus Kempton, Joel D. Wynkoop, Tampa Pitcher Show, C. A. Passinault

REVIEW/ FILM FESTIVALS: Halloween Horror Picture Show 2013 Film Festival. - 10/22/15/0514
The review for the Halloween Horror Picture Show 2013 is now up, after a two year delay from us, and a five year delay fromHalloween Horror Picture Show 2013 film festival review organizer Danford. The videos, which we need to organize and do small write ups of, will be added to this review later (although they are already up on our Youtube account), as well as more information about the photographs.
We understand that it looks kind of sad that we are just now publishing the review for HHPS 2013, but it will look better in a day or two as we finish and publish more recent reviews which are almost complete and will be finished in days, if not hours.
Check back tomorrow, that is, after you read this review.
The text for this post will change, soon.

NOTICE: Sorting out technical problems. - 10/23/15/1511
We are experiencing technical problems with our file uploads, one of which is in the case context of our links, which Dreamweaver should have adjusted automatically. We also have issues with our formatting (which is weird) and with missing files.
Please be patient. This should be resolved by tomorrow. We are working hard to update the site.
We are obviously going to have to change around some directories, so if you do manage to get to a working review or content, please do not book mark it. - Updated 10/23/15/1534

NOTICE: Passinault allocates resources to Tampa Bay Film web site. - 10/23/15/0617
Today, Tampa Bay Film Director and Editor C. A. Passinault allocated up to 25% of his web site work to Tampa Bay Film, which would make Tampa Bay Film and his Frontier Pop web site his most updated web sites in the near future. Tampa Bay Film will be his most updated web site, and new talent resource site tools and technology, including scam fighting tools developed by his other talent resource sites, such as Tampa Bay Modeling, will be deployed on this web site; these tools are proven and effective.
Passinault has indicated that unethical and unprofessional elements in the local independent film scene started a fight with him back in 2007 with slander and credibility attacks, and that this did, and will not, stand; these people, whom, in our opinion, have bullied other potential competitors and crippled the independent film industry in Tampa Bay, messed with the wrong person, an individual of integrity with a backbone who stood up for himself and the rights of others. Additionally, Passinault did NOTHING wrong, and did not start this fight. He finished it, though, and did so quite effectively, while continuing to do the right thing.
Although he has since defeated most of the offenders and has put them in their place, much work needs to be done. Passinault is determined to help bring balance, order, and accountability to the local independent film scene, which includes using his other talent resource sites to regulate the supply of talent which independent filmmakers need for their films. Good filmmakers will get support. The others will find it more and more difficult to obtain support for their projects.
Additionally, Passinault has decided to start a second independent film scene in the Tampa Bay area which will directly compete with and undermine the current independent film scene, with the good filmmakers spared and encouraged to join the winning side, which will be us. That second independent film scene will lead to the founding of the first professional independent film community in the Tampa Bay area, a professional independent film community which will look out for the best interests of independent film in our area and consist of professionals genuinely supporting other professionals.
The independent film war in Tampa Bay, which is a war of opinion, ideas, and change, which was started in 2008, will continue. Passinault has a growing list of people in the independent film scene whom he will not work with or support, although they will be covered and addressed as long as they are active in the local market. If they do good work, they have little to be concerned about. If they don’t, they will be scrutinized. Everyone will be known by what they do.
Passinault has also stated that he will make independent films and documentaries about the local independent film scene, in order to entertain while educating the general public about all aspects of independent film in Tampa Bay, which includes the history.
Every single independent film, film festival, and independent film related subject in the Tampa Bay area will be reviewed and covered on this site, our opinions will be known, and we will qualify our opinions.
Tampa Bay Film is going to be very relevant, and talked about, once we start talking, because we have a lot to say, and we are not going to shut up. Tampa Bay Film, in fact, will see so many updates that search engines may have a difficult time keeping up, that is, if that was a factor anymore. Passinault has stated that this web site and the cause for change and improvement in the local independent film scene will be aggressively promoted and marketed from now on.
Tampa Bay Film will also deploy additional web sites to assist us in our mission. A new, secret web site for local independent film is now in the works for 2016, and it will work with Tampa Bay Film in our mission.
This site has been idle for too long. This site is about to come to life and become a force of nature. All aspects of independent film in Tampa Bay will be known to all, and we will fight for change.

NOTICE: Working on reviews. Mobile-friendly update. Working on marketing tools. Preparing to relaunch online film festival. - 10/22/15/0424
We are currently working on finishing and publishing some overdue film festival reviews, which will catch up the site. We are working on coding and formatting adjustments, right now, to make this Revolution Class site as mobile-friendly as possible (something which delayed work on all of our related web sites for several months this year), which will pave the way for aggressive updates and content additions. Tampa Bay Film marketing cards and other marketing tools are also being developed. We are also preparing to launch the online film festival, which will launch with a selection of 16 initial independent films and reviews tied into those film selections.
Once regular updates commence, we will be adding new reviews, articles, and archived content, such as updated posts from the old Tampa Film Blog, regularly (Passinault decided that those posts, as inflammatory as they are, will be republished as-is, with mistakes corrected and additional content added, as certain parties have to be accountable for what they have done, and his opinions about certain things will stand).
Once the online film festival is online, we plan on adding at least three films to the online film festival, as well as the reviews for those films, every week, which means that the online film festival will have well over 100 independent films and reviews for those films online by the Summer of 2016.
Information for subjects in our directories will be published at regular intervals, which means that information listed in our directories, which include subject term links below, will be published on the site and will be fully operational by 2016, as we head toward our 10th anniversary in 2017.
Additional Tampa Bay Film web sites are also in development.
For now, we return to our work on the film festival reviews, which should be done by either this weekend, or by next week; we will publish the film festival reviews and link to those reviews here on the front page as they are finished and published.

NOTICE: Legal restructuring for Tampa Bay Film and Passinault business properties. - 10/22/15/0225
Officially, Tampa Bay Film is changing ownership. Currently, the web site is owned by Christopher Passinault, AKA C. A. Passinault. Soon, it will be owned by his primary LLC. This is required to reduce potential liability.
Tampa Bay Film is not a legal entity, and it is not a business/ DBA. It is an industry resource web site and online film festival, and the branding is a trademark. As such, it will be owned by the LLC, soon.
Two of Passinault’s businesses will also be organized under the Limited Liability Corporation, as well as his other businesses as they come online. Eventually, his independent film production companies will also be organized under the LLC, which will be when production of his independent films and video games begin in 2016, and all businesses will be appropriately licensed or have their current licenses adjusted. Passinault will own three separate independent film production companies, each with specific markets in mind, all organized under the LLC, with each brand targeted differently (Experimental films, general independent films and arthouse/ different genres, and horror/ grindhouse. Two of the names for the production companies are currently classified. Passinault also owns the .Coms for the terms for Tampa Bay Arthouse, Tampa Bay Grindhouse, etc, planning ahead to control the market for those terms, and those will soon be owned by the LLC, as well). Also, Passinault will cross license his intellectual properties across different media, with unique intellectual properties developed specifically to play to the strengths of the format of the media; for example, many of his independent films will also have video game counterparts.
Additional LLC’s are being optioned at this time to segment liability and to spread out risks.
All copyrights attributed to Tampa Bay Film, which is not technically a legal entity, will be updated to reflect the appropriate ownership as soon as possible. Regardless, all copyrights are in force, and are owned, by default, by Christopher Passinault, unless otherwise stated; all copyrights attributed to Tampa Bay Film, which is a trademarked intellectual property and is not a legal entity, are the current property of Christopher Passinault, until the transfer is complete and it is otherwise stated.
You know what they say about glass houses. Prepare yourselves. We mean business.

NOTICE: Rumors of Passinault filmmaking preparations. - 07/03/15/1011
After years of delays, there are now rumors that C. A. Passinault is acquiring the equipment which will be needed to create his first solo independent films. Long a staple of independent film work in Tampa Bay since 1993 in all crew positions, support roles, and as a technical director and actor, as well as audio, there are now rumors that his first film projects are underway.
Sources report that Passinault will begin with a series of short films covering a wide variety of genres produced as cost-effectively as possible, putting many bloated local independent film productions to shame, and making them look extremely inefficient and ineffective. Passinault has indicated that every aspect and detail of the production of the films will
Tampa Bay independent filmmakers Andy Lalino and Rick Danford show off the premier of their Fandomonium in Tampa Bay event series on June 22, 2014, at the Tampa Pitcher Show be documented, demonstrating to aspiring independent filmmakers that you can get started in the industry with minimal resources. This free independent film “school” will be key to creating a new generation of independent filmmakers whom will outnumber and displace most of what is there now; a new generation of independent filmmakers whom cannot be ignored. These new filmmakers will be key to finally establishing the first independent film community in a local film scene that needs to be redone. Passinault has also indicated that he will pour resources into independent film workshops and a Tampa Bay Film School which will all be offered free of charge, undermining and crippling schemes to make money at the expense of aspiring independent filmmakers.
Passinault has stated that his first independent films will be shorts, shot with minimal equipment, crew, and cast; some of his first films will have crews with as little as three people. This will be done to demonstrate what can be done, and what will be done, and will serve as a foundation to inspire hundreds of new filmmakers in the Tampa Bay area. As an experienced professional writer, in addition to his other professions, Passinault has already started working on scripts in short films in the genres of drama, comedy, romance, documentaries, exploitation, grindhouse, and even horror, as well as a mix of one or more genres. These shorts films will be used for a portfolio to pitch investors with in the future, and this “start small and work toward large productions” strategy will be the bible for the new generation of independent filmmakers in Tampa Bay.
With Passinault now doing preproduction work, investing in basic filmmaking gear, but concentrating on his photography business, which will be needed to fund his films, it is reported that his first films will begin principle photography as early as Spring 2016. Passinault has also hinted at an independent film format which will be introduced to the market, and will be used by other filmmakers.
Passinault has also been experimenting with new tools, such as Drones, since 2014, although his first films will not use that technology.
What is known is that all Passinault short films will premier on the Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival, and eventually the network of film festivals which Passinault is developing.
Production details of all of Passinault’s films will be covered and published on Tampa Film Revolution, Tampa Bay Film, and on a new, secret independent film site which will also be a Tampa Bay Film site.
There is more. During the Spring of 2015, Passinault invested in a lot of .Com domain names for what is coming, which include, but are not limited to, Tampa Bay Arthouse, Tampa Bay Grindhouse, Tampa Bay Horror Film Festival, Coffeehouse Film Festival, Florida Horror Film Festival, Florida Horror (which is for sale for six figures), Tampa Bay Auditions, Tampa Bay Actor, Tampa Bay Film Workshop, Tampa Bay Film School, and much more. Arthouse is especially important to note, as Passinault has stated that this is what independent film is supposed to be, and will be in Tampa Bay.
Passinault has also stated that a lot of work has been done to develop resources to address the slander and the discrimination in the Tampa Bay independent film scene which he has personally experienced, and which he is convinced is one of the main reasons that there is no independent film community, yet. These resources will be used to protect new filmmakers so that they can become established without interference from insecure, unethical filmmakers.
Passinault has also stated that he will monitor the market, and has the ability and resources to address it, which includes cutting off offending filmmakers from actors, talent, and other resources that they need to make films (he has already done so). These same resources will be used to support new and professional filmmakers as we work together to cull the market and to establish it.

NOTICE: Tampa Bay Film is updating. - 05/22/15/1058
We are almost done with a side project, and then can resume work on Tampa Bay Film.
June is going to be a big month for Tampa Bay Film, as we catch up, begin frequent updates, and get the online film festival online.
Thank you for your patience.

REVIEW/ FILM FESTIVALS: Halloween Horror Picture Show 2013 Film Festival. - 04/21/15/0959Halloween Horror Picture Show 2013 film festival review
After a five year hiatus, Rick Danford finally resurrects the legendary Halloween Horror Picture Show, and the film festival is set to screen on September 28, 2013. Tampa Bay Film editor C. A. Passinault literally gets lost finding the out-of-sight venue as he investigates the beginning of a new chapter. This review, a Tampa Bay Film exclusive, contains videos, pictures, and, of course, a review of the film festival event.
TAGS: Reviews, Film Festivals, Halloween Horror Picture Show 2013, Rick Danford, Joel D. Wynkoop, Shelby McIntyre, Tampa Pitcher Show, C. A. Passinault

#: #UnmatchedOnlineFirepower #NoParity #NoCompetition #MarketDominance #SituationalAwareness # UndermineAndDisruptOpposition #InnovativeConcepts #IndustryRevolution #BusinessIsWar. #NextMove. - 09/04/14/1500


REVIEW/ FILM FESTIVALS: Rise of the Dead Film Festival. - 04/21/15/0959
Rick Danford’s premier Zombie film festival, and the first of its kind, Rise of the Dead debuted on Sunday, August 17, 2014. Tampa Bay Film was there, and our review of this Tampa Bay horror film festival is now available for human consumption.
TAGS: Reviews, Film Festivals, Rise of the Dead, Rick Danford, Krista Grotte, Marcus Koch, Joel D. Wynkoop, Tampa Pitcher Show, C. A. Passinault

REVIEW/ FILM FESTIVALS: Halloween Horror Picture Show 2014 Film Festival. - 04/21/15/0959
Rick Danford’s premier Zombie film festival, and the first of its kind, Rise of the Dead debuted on Sunday, August 17, 2014. Tampa Bay Film was there, and our review of this Tampa Bay horror film festival is now available for human consumption.
TAGS: Reviews, Film Festivals, Rise of the Dead, Rick Danford, Krista Grotte, Marcus Koch, Joel D. Wynkoop, Tampa Pitcher Show, C. A. Passinault

REVIEW/ FILM FESTIVALS: Rise of the Dead 2 Film Festival. - 04/21/15/0959
Rick Danford’s premier Zombie film festival, and the first of its kind, Rise of the Dead debuted on Sunday, August 17, 2014. Tampa Bay Film was there, and our review of this Tampa Bay horror film festival is now available for human consumption.
TAGS: Reviews, Film Festivals, Rise of the Dead, Rick Danford, Krista Grotte, Marcus Koch, Joel D. Wynkoop, Tampa Pitcher Show, C. A. Passinault

NOTICE: Tampa Bay Film is updating. - 04/07/15/0930
Excuse the delay, please. We are working hard to get Tampa Bay Film up to speed in the next 72 hours. We spent all morning on Monday getting support videos online at Youtube for our latest film festival reviews, which was much longer than we had planned. These videos will be embedded in support, annex pages interconnected with the reviews.
Links will be added to the film festival reviews when they are up, at which time this notice will be shoved down below those review notices, and the front page of Tampa Bay Film will be cleaned up. Once that happens, we will allow the site to sit for a few weeks for all of the content to settle, which is needed to optimize our SEO efforts; the SEO efforts for this site have been on target, as this site is performing exactly as planned..
The online film festival is scheduled to come online toward the end of April, with 16 initial independent films showing and reviews for those films published in our review section, and we will begin frequent additions of content at that time, with at least 4 independent film, and reviews for those films, added every week, as well as lot of content, such as content from the old Tampa Film Blog, added to the site almost daily. Tampa Bay Film business cards, marketing tools, and even swag bags for use at film festivals and events will also be ordered toward the end of the month, and are being designed now, and we are even looking into designing and ordering official Tampa Bay Film shirts.

ADDED: Main menu updated. "Auditions" section added. - 09/08/14/1500
We changed our main menu today, and added an auditions section.
Although we are working on a large Tampa Bay Auditions web site for all kinds of auditions and casting notices for actors and talent for everything from stage plays and theatre to independent films, and we also have audition boards on Tampa Bay Talent and on Tampa Bay Acting, we are working on an audition board here on Tampa Bay Film specifically for local independent film audition and castings (Tampa Bay Auditions, once online, will feed many job leads to our other specialized site boards, and it will be the source).
There are no auditions listed on there, yet, but we did put a lot of information about Tampa Bay independent film auditions and castings for actors and talent to read, especially about which film projects to avoid. Read it, now. Thank us, later. Keep checking back this Fall for audition and casting information.

NEWS: Online film festival and reviews are imminent. - 08/24/14/2100
Check out the latest new about our online film festival, our reviews, and more!

NOTICE: Tampa Bay Film cards and shirts to be ordered this Fall. Online Film Festival progress. - 08/20/14/1110
We are designing and ordering Tampa Bay Film cards this Fall, as well as Tampa Bay Film shirts embroidered with our logo; we are even looking into ordering swag bags with the Tampa Bay Film logo on them to give out at film festivals and relevant events (we are sick and tired of relying upon others and waiting for them to come up with the appropriate swag bags for their own events. We are convinced that it isn’t going to happen unless we do something about it, and we are taking matters into our own hands). Frontier Pop cards and shirts are also on order, and swag bags with the Frontier Pop logo on them for use at relevant events are also planned.
Most of this will be in soon, as we certainly have the money, and can order all of that now. Halloween Horror Picture Show 2014 Review
We are looking into designing and ordering larger interview and coverage follow-up cards to hand out to people whom we are interviewing and covering so that they know how their information will be covered on Tampa Bay Film and/ or on Frontier Pop. For many events, there will be dual coverage between Tampa Bay Film and Frontier Pop, where coverage is relevant and appropriate, such as with the Fandomonium in Tampa Bay events (We have the review of the first of these events available online here on Tampa Bay Film today, in fact! A second review of this same event will be published on Frontier Pop next month, with the review relevant to pop culture, of course! Our review is more independent film and film festival relevant).
The online film festival should be online this weekend, with reviews of those films to be published soon afterwards. There will be 16 films initially, and no new films will be added until the reviews are caught up; once films are added on a weekly basis this month, each film will have an attached review in our reviews section for independent films as soon as the film is added to the online film festival.
We want to start out with a strong set of films, so expect some good ones.Actress and model Meghan Chadeayne at the 2014 Halloween Horror Picture Show in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

NEWS NOTE: Arming Tampa Bay Film for the possibility of continuing conflict. Arms buildup begins with lots of new content and the construction of a fleet of web sites; fleet to be in position and ready for action by 2015. - 07/13/14/1555
Check out the latest news, while we prepare for another potential conflict in the Tampa Bay independent film scene as we continue to wage a cold war with the opposition; we may never have to fight again, but it won't be because we are not ready (and the new tactics mean that we may never have to fight again in a direct conflict). Intelligence reports indicate that hostile players are now in strong positions throughout the market, and that they will continue to undermine the progress of independent film in Tampa Bay by sabotaging new contenders with slander and discrimination, which cannot be tolerated. The new Revolution Class Tampa Bay Film sites were engineered from scratch with technology and tactics learned from the original conflict of 2008-2012, which Tampa Bay Film won, as well as proven technology and tactics from Tampa Bay Modeling; the sites are tough and highly effective to a level where the opposition will be discouraged from trying anything as we help progress in Tampa Bay independent film.

NOTICE: Free Independent Filmmaking Workshops to be produced under Tampa Film Revolution. - 07/20/14/2056
News today over at sister site Tampa Shootouts revealed that the event branding would be redone, and that Tampa Workshops would be eventually closed and absorbed into the new modeling and photography event business. Although it will not be used, the rights to the Tampa Shootouts branding will be retained, and the web site will be left online for the foreseeable future, with a link to the new web site added to the front page when it becomes appropriate.
This directly affects Tampa Bay Film, as our free independent filmmaking workshops, which will offer superior instruction to
Rise Of The Dead Zombie Film Festival 2014what films schools and others are offering and are trying to sell, as well as more relevant to independent filmmaking, were going to be produced under Tampa Workshops. The Tampa Workshops web site will be sabotaged in preparation to abandon the domain name, now, making it useless for anyone who may be planning to buy it after the domain name is abandoned.
Two other Tampa Shootouts related Pioneer Class web sites, which will surely leave a gap in the registry of the successful Pioneer Class web sites (Frontier Pop uses a Pioneer Class web site, and that site isn’t going away. The related Frontier Society web site will soon get a shiny new Pioneer Class web site, so new sites of that class will be built, however), will also be sabotaged and closed.
As of now, our free independent filmmaking workshops, which will be offered for free because we are genuine about supporting independent film in Tampa Bay (and don’t even get into “the blind leading the blind” argument, either, as these workshops will be run by talented, successful independent filmmakers, which will eventually include C. A. Passinault), will be produced under by Tampa Bay Film under Tampa Film Revolution, which will add an entirely new dimension to that web site, soon! This will greatly expand upon the filmmaking instruction which was originally planned for the site, and it will become a driving force for that web site.

Quiet Place Remake Confirmed. - 07/12/14/1222
It turns out that rumors of a remake of the 2006 short independent film, The Quiet Place, may be true after all, and it could be coming on the 10th anniversary in 2016. A failed film from the Tampa Film Network, the original Quiet Place never quite reached its potential. It had myriad problems, in the opinion of C. A. Passinault, most of which, tragically, could have been avoided.
C. A. Passinault confirms that a remake to The Quiet Place is indeed in the works, and it will be a short independent horror/ creeper film with a completely original story by C. A. Passinault called “Quiet Places”. The film will be produced by Passinault’s independent film production company, MatchHead Films, and will have little to do with the original other than a similar name, and Passinault tinkering with the idea of casting Harmony Oswald (AKA Harmony Layne, pictured to the right), his actress friend whom he referred to the orginal Quiet Place in 2006 in a lead role, in the leading role (this is just an idea, and has not been confirmed). The budget and the crew of this new film is reported to be much smaller than the original, proving that a superior, more cost-effective film can be done with less resources.
There are also new rumors of FREE independent filmmaking workshops. Read more by clicking the link!
TAGS: Quiet Place remake confirmed, The Quiet Place, Quiet Places, C. A. Passinault, Tampa Bay independent film savior, Chris Woods, Tampa Bay independent film Antichrist, Paul Guzzo, Joe Davison, Harmony Oswald, Tampa Film Network, Independent film workshops

Update Log section launched. - 06/07/14/1159
The updates posts here on the front page have been moved to the new web site Update Log section, which just came online.
We have replaced the front page updates with a “latest additions and news” portion, where we will post the latest updates and links. This portion will be kept small.

Reviewing the fleet of Tampa Bay Film web sites as we prepare for ongoing operations. - 06/06/14/1541Actress and model Krista Grotte at the Rise of the Dead film festival in Tampa, Florida.
Currently, we have an active fleet of 12 Tampa Bay Film sites online, most completely new, and have an additional four planned in reserve, which may be built and deployed later this year.
The domain names, especially the operating ones, are classified, however, and although they can be found in search results under specific terms, we will not cross link the sites nor list them in one place. We are in an ongoing state of conflict, and there are some out there who want to silence us and keep us from helping independent filmmakers and talent; we will not make anything easy for the opposition.
We recently did a survey of where we are online with these web sites, and they are performing exactly as planned, unlike the problems that we had with the original Tampa Bay Film sites, with the online film festival being the exception. We are no longer making the mistakes that we did in the early days, and are being careful to avoid making new mistakes. We are pouring a lot of time and hard work toward making the sites as effective as possible. All of these web sites have excellent search results for their targeted search terms, too, as a result. This means, of course, that many can easily find our sites, and that we have a lot of readers.
Although we are at odds with many in the current Tampa Bay film scene, that is irrelevant. We will give everyone deserved reviews and support regardless of how we feel about them, although the support part is up to them. We will be the voice in independent film in Tampa Bay that no one can ignore, and will continue to work hard to undermine ethical and unprofessional conduct, as well as address and fight scams and low value things in the industry.
Although we have tried to make peace on several occasions, we are now convinced that most of the local independent film scene is flawed beyond redemption, and we are now working toward helping others, a new generation of independent filmmakers, compete with these people and drive them out of business. It could be said that you should not throw out the baby with the bath water, but for the most part, the baby left that tub some time ago. We are now convinced the the independent film scene in Tampa Bay needs to be torn down and rebuilt.
The independent film war in Tampa Bay did quiet down in 2013, but it is still ongoing, and is gaining steam again. This said, we always worked toward furthering the interests of independent film in the Tampa Bay area during the lull, and continued to effectively work against some people who deserved it.
The only constant, it seems, is conflict. We will stay the course and stick to our guns, with a state-of-the-arts fleet of powerful web sites which cannot be ignored. We are going to make a difference!

Updated Indie Film List. Is Chris Woods Lost? - 05/28/14/1251
Added some independent film titles, most of which have been produced in the Tampa Bay area, to our list of films that we are going to review. Shaking our heads over the utter and total trashy crap that Chris Woods and his partner John Miller are producing and pushing, as what they are doing will set back independent film in Tampa Bay, in our opinion. You guys will get the reviews that you will deserve, and if what we have seen so far is anything to go on, those reviews will not be nice (some of your films will be screened in front of an audience for a peer group review, too, at an upcoming Sunburn Film Festival event, where a review panel of industry and target market peers can give their own opinions about the films). This pair has produced some of the worst independent films ever produced in the Tampa Bay area, in our opinion, with drek such as "Taste Me" and "Vomit Soup". Has Chris Woods sold out to tasteless trash? He used to be one of the best filmmakers in the area! With Miller's bad influence, in our opinion, Woods has been reduced to another sell-out filmmaker, and we wonder if he even cares about the quality of the films that he attaches his name to. What's next? "Johnny take me that way"?

Tampa Bay Film. The voice of Tampa Bay independent film.


Welcome to the 2015 official web site of Tampa Bay Film, the voice of Tampa Bay independent film! This is an all-new web site for our eight year old web site, and it is now operating from a new operating domain name so that we can more effectively cover and regulate Tampa Bay Independent Film. This new web site has re integrated our old stand-alone sites such as the online film festival and the Tampa Film Blog (now the Tampa Bay Film Blog), which have been improved and are now built into the new site.
Founded in 2006 and online on January 11, 2007, Tampa Bay Film has had a rather rough development period compared to its sister sites such as Tampa Bay Modeling. Tampa Bay Film has gone through many iterations, and recently became a meta site (a network of 8 interconnected Super Raptor Class sites). Some changes with the Internet, however, made that strategy backfire in early 2012, so, in late 2012, it was decided that we would simply start over from scratch, creating a group of at least 16 new web sites which are not interconnected, learning from the mistakes of the past and applying new breakthroughs (there were breakthroughs cascading into more breakthroughs from 2012 to 2013, and we are having more every day.... So many, in fact, that it advanced us by 10 to 20 years in a short amount of time). The result of that is this new Tampa Bay Film site, which uses a new late 3rd Generation Revolution Class web site, which is also the very first 3rd Generation talent resource site in our arsenal (it's different than the first category). Our new strategy, which we began working on in the summer of 2012, is working, and all of our new sites are now at the top of targeted search results, just like all through the previous decade. The old Super Raptor Class Tampa Bay Film site was taken offline to prepare for this new one in February 2013, and this new site went online on March 23, 2013.
Our new online film festival will launch with 16 films, with their accompanying reviews in our new independent film review section following shortly. After that, we will add about 4 independent films to the online film festival every week. The reason that we will limit the additions to 4 films added per week is to allow the films to be properly indexed in search results, and, with our new policy that every film has to have a review, each film added will be immediately reviewed. If you do the math, that will be at least 172 films added and 172 matching film reviews by the end of 2015. By late 2015, our new online film festival will exceed the size of our old one (which, for those of you who noticed, was dominant, and was highly successful, for the past few years. We could have continued it, but it was decided that it would be better if we added it to the new site, instead, with upgrades, and took the old one offline), and our review section will be even larger, because we will be reviewing a lot more independent films, film festivals, and events than what is on our online film festival. Tampa Bay Film will obtain, and review, every independent film made in the Tampa Bay area and Florida, and those films will be aggressively reviewed.
Speaking of reviewing independent films, especially the ones made in Tampa Bay and Florida, we will be conducting an ongoing series of underground film festival events, starting in 2015, where a group of industry professionals and other invited guests, some of whom are the target market for independent films, get together to watch and review independent films. This will be the most controversial film festival in the Tampa Bay area, both hated and loved by independent filmmakers, and the controversy starts with the name, the Sunburn Film Festival, which is intended to both play off of and convey a difference from one annual, large local film festival, the Sunscreen Film Festival, which we have come to believe does not do enough to support local indie film (think Slamdance as compared to Sundance, which was founded due to anger and a backlash, and although this is comparable, the difference here is that the Sunburn Film Festival is not a public event like the Sunscreen Film Festival is, so it is technically not competing with it, and it has its own purpose, although the after-film festival coverage will be identical here on Tampa Bay Film. Confusion with their film festival is not intended, however, despite the similar names. Although we are not satisfied with what Sunscreen has been doing, we do have to admit that it has a brilliant name, and it is more creative than the derivative and unoriginal “Gasparilla International Film Festival”, or “GIFF”, a film festival born of questionable politics between the Tampa film commission and some filmmakers with questionable motives, in our opinion, as we were there at the beginning to witness its conception and formation, and it is another large film festival that we have an issue with.) The Sunburn Film Festival is a small, private, invitation-only event series. Good films will be praised and promoted, and bad films, which make up the majority of current films being made locally, in our opinion, will be ripped apart, hence the “burn” in the title. We will be fair, though. No longer will we have just one reviewer posting a review on a film, although we will continue with those types of reviews, too. We will also have groups of people reviewing films and voicing their opinions. Although the Sunburn Film Festival is our flagship underground film festival, not deigned or intended to be a large, public film festival event, it will be covered just like a large film festival event, with photographs, video, interviews, reviews, and more! This will make it just as visible as the large film festivals, and more-so when you consider that these small, scrappy, genuinely cool, trendy film festivals will happen much more frequently. We plan on having a Sunburn Film Festival event every few months, with as many as 6 per year (or even more), using assorted media ranging from DVD’s of independent films, to indie films playing on our online film festival. We will have a lot of people weighing in on those films, and some independent filmmakers will not like it, although it will give them further incentive to make better films. There will be other underground film festival events, too, such as our Halloween Drive-In “film festival in a car”, which will no longer be called the Halloween Drive-In because we did not buy the domain name and protect it like we should have, and a company in Canada took it (we are now protecting all of our film festival, event, and underground film festival events with domain names and stand-alone web sites, as well as trademarks, the latter something that others should learn from). The other underground film festivals will have specific purposes and formats, and will not happen nearly as much as the Sunburn Film Festival events. The underground film festivals will outnumber all other film festivals in Florida, and will be used to build buzz and support our other, larger, conventional, public film festival and indie film event properties. Our first public film festival event, which will be an annually held advanced “theme” film festival event for horror and exploitation films, will be the Reverence Film Festival, which is currently planned for the future (we are aware now that Rick Danford will be continuing his Halloween Horror Picture Show annual film festival events, and we will be completely supporting it. We will schedule the Reverence Film Festival around the HHPS so that we do not compete and conflict, out of respect and support, unlike other large film festivals which will surely be crippled when they come up against our events. Our film festivals, in our opinion, will make film festivals like Gasparilla and Sunscreen look bloated, expensive, and less effective, and we expect them to lose sponsors and attendance over our efforts. They will be forced to change and adapt, or face extinction, and, let’s face it, competition is just what they need, regardless, as it is good for the market even if it is not good for them!). This film festival will be built around C. A. Passinault’s Reverence independent film theme, combined with his Realms film and other Halloween elements. Reverence will also have musical and dance performances, and other unique features which we cannot disclose, yet, as well as a keynote presentation. The first Reverence will be used to promote the Tampa Bay Film Showcase monthly film festival and professional networking event series, which is scheduled to begin after the debut of the Reverence Film Festival, and will be the backbone on our film festival and independent film event properties (At this time, January 22, 2015, we are still figuring out how our monthly Coffeehouse Film Festival, which was created days ago, will coexist with the Tampa Bay Film Showcase, and it is possible that the Coffeehouse Film Festival may replace the Tampa Bay Film Showcase; the Coffeehouse Film Festival is more efficient than the Tampa Bay Film Showcase, as it was developed as an inexpensive, sustainable, cost-effective monthly film festival using what we learned from developing underground film festival technology, which was well after the Tampa Bay Film Showcase was designed and engineered. There is enough on this subject alone to write more than one book dedicated to it, and we will be writing a lot about it, both here on Tampa Bay Film and on our Tampa Film Revolution online publication). This, of course, is not an underground film festival, and it is a public event series. There will be 12 Tampa Bay Film Showcase film festival events a year, which will overlap with our other film festivals and indie film industry events. The monthly film festival and networking event series will also lead into, and feed into, our flagship annual film festival series, the Revolution Film Festival, which will become the best annual film festival in the Tampa Bay area. The first Revolution Film Festival is scheduled to debut a year after the debut of our monthly film festival series. Our first indie film industry event, which will be held annually, will be the Tampa Bay Film Conference, and it is scheduled to debut a few months after our flagship annual film festival. At that time, all of the film festivals and events will be held regularly, and the underground film festivals will be used to fill in the gaps with prestigious, invitation-only, small, private events. All of our film festivals and events are interconnected (just not with their web sites), with each other as well as our online film festival, and they all support and promote each other for the most advanced, and effective, network of marketing and support events for independent film in the United States. This infrastructure and support will be needed, too, as it is one of our goals to take out the trash and to help the Tampa Bay independent film scene become a genuine community of innovative professionals, a respectable industry, and a worldwide leader in independent filmmaking.
Our review section, too, will have much more than just reviews of independent films. We will be reviewing filmmakers (including over rated Tampa filmmakers Joe Davison and Terence Nuzum, as well as filmmakers like Paul Guzzo and Pete Guzzo), independent film production companies like The Film Ranch (which may be defunct at this time), Inspiration Films, and Icon Film Studios, film festivals, independent film events, film schools, workshops, and the Tampa Bay independent film scene (By year. We will retro-apply and write reviews for past years, researching them, going back way before Tampa Bay Film even existed). Our film festival coverage and reviews of those film festivals will be extensive, and the best in Florida. We will send dedicated, highly trained teams into film festivals to cover and review them. We will even research and write reviews for film festivals of the past for a complete historial record of all Tampa Bay film festivals. We will also have huge, special sections for the Coffehouse Film Review and the Tampa Film Review, with large write-ups and reviews of each of those monthly film festival events, as well as including embedded video files of all of the relevant films which are online so that you can watch the films that were shown at that particular CFR/TFR event, follow the reviews, and see if you agree with the assessment. The Coffeehouse Film Review and the Tampa Film Review, now in the domain of history, will also have their own stand-alone web sites, with unique content about them, to ensure that everyone knows about them and does not forget.
We will spend a few months editing and adding content to the over 600 pages of the old Tampa Film Blog, and will republish the reformatted content here on our new Tampa Bay Film Blog. That valuable, insightful information will not be going away. It's here to stay, because history is very important to everyone, and you, the people, need to know what is going on. Those who do not study history and learn from it are doomed to repeat it, and we need that insight to pave the way for progress in Tampa Bay independent film!
We will make everyone in the Tampa Bay independent film scene accountable for what they say and do. We will make sure that they can be researched, and that their successes, and failures, can be easily known. This is an important, and crucial, step to helping the independent film scene in Tampa Bay to be finally put on the map in the future, and be appropriately respected as a legitimate player and powerhouse in the independent film industry. We will help the weak and the unethical leave the market, as they will pay for their sins. We will also support those whom deserve it. If you are good and talented, we are your friend, an we will be a powerful ally. If you are not, you will have to shape up or improve, or you will not succeed. Don't worry, though, as we will give you a chance to improve before we help your new Tampa Bay Film-enhanced competition drive you from the market and put you out of business; We will show you what you are doing wrong and how to fix it, and, if you work hard and start acting like professionals, you will be able to adapt and remain a part of the independent film scene here in Tampa Bay.
You're welcome!
Tampa Bay Film will also do our part to support and advance independent film in Tampa Bay. We will be producing a Tampa Bay Film Podcast series. We will be producing the most sophisticated, comprehensive network of film festivals and indie film industry events in Florida, as well as the United States. With our production partners, we will also produce an ongoing series of independent film projects, and will document and publish every aspect of the production of these film projects so that they will serve as inspiration, and as a free online tutorial for a new generation of talented filmmakers to follow (This will be devastating for those who try to make money off of aspiring filmmakers with their overpriced workshops and so-called film schools, as it is our opinion that they will deserve it. It is also our opinion that they do nothing to support or advance indie film in our area, and that their motives are questionable, at best. We do not support them, and will be working hard to undermine and disrupt their agenda. We will be producing indie filmmaking workshops, too, workshops which are not only more relevant and effective for making independent films here, but offered free of charge! We’d like to see the "competition" compete with that!). There is going to be a revolution in the Florida independent film industry, and it will center here in Tampa Bay. We will join with others to work hard toward making the Tampa Bay area a worldwide leader in the independent film industry, and the most innovative indie films ever done will be here.
10 years from now, most of the current players in Tampa Bay independent film will no longer be a part of the scene (which will make us very happy!), and that will be a good thing because the only thing that most of them have succeeded in is holding back the progress of indie film in Tampa Bay, in our opinion. The independent film scene here will no longer be dominated by aspiring politicians who claim to support indie film, but who's actions betray their words as they sell out their fimmaking brothers and the film scene. Tampa Bay independent film will be led and controlled by a new generation of filmmakers. It will be as it should be, and as it needs to be, as it is our opinion that most of the current players have not only failed to support and advance the scene, but that they put their own self-serving interests ahead of the greater good, while misrepresenting their efforts, and are responsible for crippling indie film in Tampa Bay!
Hollywood needs to stay away from Tampa Bay, too! We do not need competition coming here with deep pockets and undermining the independent film scene. Don’t fall for the propaganda stating that there are jobs for independent filmmakers with these outside productions, too, as, historically, it is not true, and a few token gigs don’t change anything. It is also our opinions that the current large film festivals, such as the Gasparilla International Film Festival and the Sunscreen Film Festival are too “Hollywood”-centric, and are used to market the Tampa Bay area as a location for outside production companies at the expense of local independent film. It is our opinion that local filmmakers who do not realize this (or want to realize this), and support these efforts, are idiots with no business sense, and need to be accountable for helping to sell out the filmmaking scene. We need leaders, and not mindless followers! Think that we are going to stand for this? Think again! Revolution is going to happen, and those who are not for us, are against us, and we will drive them from the market, and from the industry!
10 years from now, Hollywood will not think of the Tampa Bay area as a location to be used for their next production, at the expense of indie film. The local government will not think about importing film business here while humoring indie filmmaking, like we believe it has been doing. Independent film in Tampa Bay will finally be respected, and it will be an export, as Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment world will look here for their next film to buy and distribute.
Of course, to make this future a reality, we all need to start working together now, and this is why Tampa Bay Film is here.

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