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Tampa Bay Film - Buzz - A remake of The Quiet Place? Workshops?


Rumors, speculation, and opinions.

By C. A. Passinault, Editor, Tampa Bay Film

A remake of The Quiet Place? Free collaborative independent filmmaking workshops?
Is it too good to be true?

Tampa Bay Film Editor and the first-of-the-next-generation independent filmmaker C. A. Passinault has already announced that he plans on doing a remake of The Quiet Place around the 10th anniversary of its production, in 2016, and since he was the one who referred lead actress Harmony Oswald to the original film, as they are friends, and that he would like to cast Harmony in the lead role as the mother, if possible (Harmony is no longer local, so it remains to be seen if she can be cast).
This new independent film is a remake in spirit only, and only shares a similar title. It will be called “Quiet Places”, and will have a completely original story penned by Passinault himself and using a small, elite production team. It will have a budget actually smaller than The Quiet Place had in 2006, as well as a much smaller cast; Passinault intends to make a superior film at lower cost to demonstrate cost-effective independent filmmaking to inspire a new generation of independent filmmakers in Tampa Bay, and the behind-the-scenes production articles and tutorials will be published on our Tampa Film Revolution site, cutting out the need for overpriced and overrated film schools or workshops. Tampa Film Revolution will become our free online film school in addition to our independent filmmaking publication, and it will tie in with a related, collaborative independent filmmaking workshops which will also be free of charge (That’s right... FREE workshops which no film school will be able to compete with, with better, more cost-effective results in the filmmaking than in any local film school or other workshop even if our workshops were priced higher). The original Quiet Place was a collaborative production under the original Tampa Film Network; the collaborative workshop idea, which was from Joe Davison, of all people, was a good one, but it was also executed poorly during the production of The Quiet Place, which suffered from, in our opinion, “too many hands in the pot” syndrome as a result of poor direction, a rushed production, Paul Guzzo cutting important lines and scenes from the script, and unprofessional personal issues between the cast and the crew, including an attempt at credibility sabotage when slanderous, made-up rumors were spread about Passinault himself, which were completely undeserved, although they convinced Passinault that the local independent film scene was flawed beyond redemption and had to be addressed (in essence, they picked the wrong person to mess with). The result, of course, was the the original Quiet Place film was deeply flawed, and a mediocre film. Could it have been sabotaged? Well, you can be the judge and make up your own mind, as we have several articles on this subject coming up on Tampa Bay Film!
Regarding the collaborations, the Tampa Film Revolution collaborative independent filmmaking workshops will come after the production of Quiet Places, however, and this film will not be produced through the workshop program. That means that it won’t be available until 2017 at the earliest.
Rumors have it that the story for Quiet Places has been done for some time, and that it is an original story which has never been done in any independent film, especially in Tampa Bay.

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