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Tampa Bay independent film war goes cold. New site performance. Upcoming Tampa Bay Film features.

Saturday, March 23, 2013 - Tampa Bay Film Blog Post by future filmmaker C. A. Passinault

New Tampa Bay Film Blog Online

This is the first post of the new Tampa Bay Film Blog. It will be, like the old Tampa Film Blog was, a public blog where anyone in the Tampa Bay independent film industry can post their opinions, disagree, and debate topics. With the original Tampa Film Blog, with its years online and its over 500 pages of posts, not a single person has taken me up on my offer and debated with me. I suppose that they all agree with my points that I made in the posts, or were afraid to publically disagree with me. I do know for a fact that everyone was reading it, however, as I received a lot of positive feedback. Everyone will read this one, too.
On the subject of that over 500 pages of content from the old Tampa Film Blog, which was taken offline last month, that content will be enhanced and added to this blog in early 2014. I will also be adding blog posts from the old stand-alone online film festival site around that time, which was also taken offline, despite its success, last month, too. Both of those sites will be decommissioned next year. The announcements section from the old blog will now me merged in with our News and Announcements section here on Tampa Bay Film, so we will still post announcements from our readers.
Right now, I’m busy working on the rest of Tampa Bay Film, so this concludes this post.

Tampa Bay independent film war goes cold. New site performance. Upcoming Tampa Bay Film features.


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