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Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - Tampa Bay Film Blog Post by future filmmaker C. A. Passinault

Tampa Bay independent film war goes cold. New site performance. Upcoming Tampa Bay Film features.

This is the second post on the new Tampa Bay Film Blog, and while I realize that some of this information should have been in the news section, it is mixed with opinion and needs to be here, especially as I want to use the news section for confirmed announcements and additions to the site.
There is a lot going on with the new Tampa Bay Film site, regardless.
This new Tampa Bay Film site is hosted and published under its new “Tampa Bay Independent Film” operating domain name, and it is doing well. Although the site is officially known as Tampa Bay Film (although I have not yet connected the branding and marketing domain name to this new site, and it will be some time before I do), the beauty of the operating domain is that we can also market with it directly, so that it truly serves a dual purpose. The new site is up and running, and although I am only just getting started in creating and publishing content on it, and the online film festival is still offline, its search engine performance in the few weeks since it launched less than a month ago had been amazing. I suppose that much can be said about launching a new site “hot”, as soon as the domain name is online, as well as properly organizing the content. This said, the content on Tampa Bay Film has always been relevant for independent film, so it deserves to be found and read. It will be, too, and there will be no ignoring this site.
Speaking of which, the ongoing Tampa Bay indie film war, started in 2008, is going cold.
During a recent study of film festivals and other variables in the Tampa Bay film industry, it was decided that, while there are too many film festivals and other things going on in the market, that very few of them actually service the independent film industry. I no longer think that they are relevant to the independent film market which I am dedicated to. Don’t be fooled. It is my opinion that film festivals like the Gasparilla International Film Festival (GIFF), the Sunscreen Film Festival, and others are more about catering to Hollywood and mainstream movies than they are to independent film, and we do not really blame them.
Sure, I’d have a problem with them if they claimed to support and promote indie film, and marketed themselves as independent film festivals, but there is no evidence that they are misleading anyone. It’s obvious what they are really about. They are all about Hollywood celebrities and mainstream movie premiers. There is nothing wrong with that. After all, what else are they going to be about? Independent film? Don’t make me laugh! It is my opinion that they show independent films as more of a side token, as they obviously do not market and promote them.
The bottom line is that I share an opinion that I believe that those film festivals have, and it is my opinion that they do not support or promote independent film in their home market because, well, there are not a lot of independent films made here that are any good. That is going to change, but for the present, I do not blame them for humoring independent filmmaking in Tampa Bay.
Sure, Sunscreen promotes its “independent filmmaking” or moviemaking workshops, which I believe are overpriced and not the best value, but the bottom line is that I believe that they are more cash-ins on aspiring filmmakers, and not at all relevant for independent filmmaking or the realities of indie film in Tampa Bay. How can they be? They teach filmmakers how to make movies the Hollywood way, for crying out loud, which is hardly cost-effective or relevant for independent filmmaking. Sure, if you have experience, investors, a budget, and equipment, that would be the way to go, but for independent filmmakers, this is hardly realistic. Independent filmmakers need to start small and work their way up! In order to put independent film in the Tampa Bay area on the map, we need creative, innovative filmmakers, and a LOT of them. I do not see the current generation of independent filmmakers pulling this off (Don’t look at me, either, because, as Paul Guzzo, Joe Davison, Dan Torregrossa, and others are quick to point out, I am not technically a filmmaker. Fine. I will be, however, and no one is going to stop me. Many of them have certainly tried to discourage me from becoming a filmmaker, however, and my opinion is that they have done this to a lot of others. If you wish to get technical about it, I will become an independent filmmaker of the next generation of filmmakers in Tampa Bay, and you only have to continue reading to see where this is going, and what I mean). We are going to have to inspire a new generation of independent filmmakers, the next generation (which I will be a part of), to pull this off, and the current generation of filmmakers will find themselves on the outside looking in. It will be what they deserve, too, in my opinion. Very few of the current filmmakers (I expect Marcus Kempton to be there with us) will be able to cross over to the future of independent film in Tampa Bay, which will become a worldwide leader in independent film.
With the new Tampa Bay Film site possessing literally 100 fold the online search performance and firepower that the old site had, are we going to continue attacking everyone in the film scene here? No. There is no longer any point. Since it was determined that the current film festivals and organizations service a different market than independent film, they will largely be left alone. As for some of the filmmakers, however, that will be a different story.
We will aggressively address the current filmmakers and their “films”. Paul Guzzo, Joe Davison, Terence Nuzum, John Miller, and others, in my opinion, are not good for independent film in Tampa Bay, and they will be criticized and corrected. That part of the indie film war, which has been going on for over five years now, will remain hot. For the most part, however, the indie film war will become more of a cold war, as Tampa Bay Film has other priorities. I have other priorities, too, such as a very hot modeling industry war and a photography industry war, with the modeling war now having priority.
So, for some, Tampa Bay Film will be seen as getting on their case, and they will hate it. Others, however, will be fine with the site, as it won’t be criticizing them. All of that online firepower will be reserved to use only if it is necessary. For Joe, Paul, and the others, however, it will be different. For Paul Guzzo, especially, things have not been going well for some of his past projects. I now have complete control over all search inquiries for both his Coffeehouse Film Review and his Tampa Film Review film festival properties, as well as domain names for them. They will not be forgotten, and they will be remembered for what they actually were, and not for what Guzzo and his friends have spun to the world. My opinion is that Paul Guzzo, Joe Davision, and many others are idiotic douchbags who have sold out independent film, and my opinions will not only be known to everyone, but I will state why my opinions of them are the way that they are.
Enough of that for now, however.
I have a lot to do with this new site, too. I need to write and publish new content. I need to go over past published content, edit it, add more to it, and republish it on the site, which includes the over 500 pages of content of the old Tampa Film Blog (and, for those who loved the original Tampa Film Blog, its mission has carried over to here. We welcome op-eds, posts from others disagreeing with my posts and the post of others, and online debates here. This is not just my Tampa Bay Film Blog, but it is a blog and debate platform for ALL of us). I need to rewrite some of my old film festival reviews. I have a lot of reviews and articles that were written for the original Tampa Bay Film and were never finished and published, too, and those will be completed and published. Also, I have a lot planned for the new online film festival, which will now reference other relevant sections on the site, which included reviews for every single film on the online film festival.
I will be working on that this weekend.

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