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Rumors, speculation, and opinions.

By C. A. Passinault, Editor, Tampa Bay Film

03/23/13/1200 - Could it be that the new Tampa Bay Film site is finally online under its new TampaBayIndependentFilm.Com operating domain name? It could very well be, since you are reading this now! Could it be that TampaBayFilm.Com will be kept offline until this site is ready to be marketed in the fall of 2013? It may very well be! Could it be that our new, updated online film festival will have at least 100 films playing, and 100 reviews for those films in our independent film review section by September 1, 2013? That’s what we are hearing!
Could it be that full reviews for Brainjacked, Filthy, Alarum, The Pledge, 100 Tears, Experiment 7, 99, Milk Crate Scars, Chameleon, To Live Is To Die, Shadow Of A Victim,, and Bleed will be online by the summer? We are hearing that, too!
Could it be that Tampa Bay Film will be publishing information and reviews on Paul Guzzo, Pete Guzzo, Joe Davison, Daniel Brienza, Chris Woods, John Miller, Andy Lalino, and Rod Grant soon? It may just be a possibility!
Is it possible that we will be editing, adding to, and re publishing the over 500 pages of content from our old Tampa Film Blog and the old online film festival blog here on our Tampa Bay Film Blog in early 2014? Did you think that all of that useful information was just going away? Will it take several months to publish that information? It just might!
Lastly, could it be that, by the end of 2013, that this new Tampa Bay Film site will dominate search results, will be impossible to ignore, and that certain people in the Tampa Bay indie film scene will be afraid of this site and what it is saying? That may very well be true, too!

Keep checking back on this page for the latest rumors, gossip, speculation, and opinions about the Tampa Bay independent film scene, and remember: Don't take anything on this page as confirmed fact until it is published as a fact. For now, kick back and imagine what is possible when you take the information on this page in.

03/23/13/1200 - 03/23/13/1200


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